10 SEO Methods from Hell: Infographic

Net Sixty Six’s lighthearted look at the SEO methods you shouldn’t be using on your website

Be wary of some of SEO methods which may be more trick than treat. This is a tree of pumpkins, situated close to Manchester Arndale on Market Street.[/caption]

Halloween: whatever your opinions on this occasion, it adds colour to the streets. Shop windows and public places are adorned with pumpkins, witches, and broomsticks. Trick-treaters take to the streets in Halloween garb. Before you know it, Christmas is around the corner. Fittingly for All Hallow’s Eve, we have looked at the ten SEO methods and web development techniques you should refrain from using and created an infographic.
What makes them so hellish?
Many of them are outdated as well as unethical. What was acceptable in 1996 may be hideously unacceptable today. It is hard to believe that frameset pages are twenty years old. Internet Explorer 6 is fifteen years old (one of our fellow colleagues was surprised to see it in use on BBC One’s Holby City), and many of the IE6 hacks are redundant on today’s browsers.

There are some SEO methods that have been a complete no-no from the rise of the internet. For example, duplicate content; cyberspace’s equivalent to borrowing a friend’s exercise book and copying their school work wholesale. Readers are no fools, and know if the same press release had been copied verbatim from one site to another.

How can we forget the days when frameset-based websites were popular? Weren’t they a pain to optimise and maintain? Five pages where one could do. One for the header, one for the footer, another for the navigation, and a fourth for the main content. Oh, and another page for the frameset. Thank goodness for CSS positioning and responsive web design. Apart from a very small number of websites, frameset pages seem to have gone the same way as the Clippercard or Man at C&A.

Our not-so-hellish infographic

Before we wrap up this post, take a look at our infographic on 10 SEO Methods from Hell. Share it widely, and don’t have nightmares.

Ten SEO Methods from Hell

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Net Sixty Six SEO, 31 October 2016.