Apple chooses Bing over Google search for IOS 8

In a major development, consumer hardware giant Apple has made the decision to choose Microsoft’s search engine Bing to power its “Spotlight” search functionality within the newest version of its operating system dubbed IOS 8 Yosemite.

Previously, Apple had removed Google search from its voice activated OS control app Siri. Now Apple goes further to court Microsoft by announcing it is tightly integrating Bing within the newest release of its operating system. This could also lead to Apple entering the search business.

The 2014 WWDC conference saw Apple unveil a new Spotlight app that will allow typing on the desktop (instead of clicking on small magnifying glass in the menu bar) in order to search an Apple computer for applications and documents.

Spotlight is also looking to get new functionality that will enable it to display search results from Bing, Apple Maps, Wikipedia, movie information, other data sources. The latest development signal Apple’s increased interest in the search engine business, and some analysts say that Apple could start development of its own search engine in time.