Ash Wednesday: The Things We Do For Lent

Our team at Net Sixty Six HQ have chosen at least one geek-related item they would like to give up for Lent

Lent image by SDecoret (via Shutterstock).
The person in this image has taken part in our Forty Days Without Gadgets campaign. She is pining for her iPad. Image by SDecoret (via Shutterstock).

40 days. Could you imagine forty days without the internet? Forty days without Greggs (yes, there are one or two of them near Net Sixty Six Towers)? Well, if we gave up any of the two for Lent, none of us at Net Sixty Six HQ could do our job properly. The internet is part of our Yin and Yang alongside the bacon butty which sets us up for most of the day. It is our life force.

Outside of our daily grind in Central Manchester, we try to leave the computer behind. For us, this can be a big ask. We are either on our computers, or on our mobile devices. As one of our neighbours is St. Mary’s Presbytery Roman Catholic Church (also known as The Hidden Gem), this has inspired our Lenten post. Therefore, we at Net Sixty Six have asked: “what geek related item will you give up for lent?”

What Geek Related Item Would You Give Up For Lent?

Alain: one of our newest arrivals to Net Sixty Six has said he would like to give up his Virtual Reality headset. Today’s Virtual Reality technology is a far cry from the clunky headsets, thanks to the wonders of smartphone technology.

Anees: our newest addition to the Net Sixty Six team (working alongside Stuart and Alain) has stated that he could go for forty days without Netflix. One of the joys of Netflix is being able to stream films almost instantly. In this case, the DVDs need to be dusted.

Jack: Net Sixty Six’s creative wizard would happily give up his laptop for Lent. He said he is able to work around this scenario at home.

Janine: with a busy calendar, she has decided to give up her PC during the forty days. At least away from Net Sixty Six Towers. Given that computers of any description are instrumental to our roles, doing away with them completely is impossible. The same could be said with…

Stuart: Net Sixty Six’s in-house blogger and content writer has set himself an impossible aim for Lent. A forty-day free WiFi fast. In other words, spending the best part of Lent without using the public WiFi system aboard his trams, buses, or J.D. Wetherspoon public houses. Will he succeed? Yeah right.

Net Sixty Six SEO, 01 March 2017.