A bit of fun for Tuesday.

It’s not often I find myself searching “Atari Breakout” on Google Image search (you can do it now if you want but you’ll spoil the surprise) but today myself and maybe a few other employees have ran this search a few times. The reason being that it is Atari Breakout’s official 37th anniversary/birthday today. And to celebrate Google employees have created a sublime easter egg where you get to play breakout with the images included in the search. Just like the below:

Atari Breakout

This isn’t the first time Google have released such an easter egg. There is also the Zerg Rush easter egg, click here to try it out, basically when you enter the search your results are are attacked by a horde of bloodthirsty letter Os. Armed only with your mouse you have to set about them and do your best to preserve your precious results. This was based on the excellent strategy game StarCraft.

There is also a flight simulater in Google Earth as well as a brilliant Pac Man game that wasn’t actually an easter egg but a Google Doodle instead. Thankfully the doodles are archived and we can still geek out and play them on our breaks. You also get other easter eggs when searching:

> Do a Barrel Roll

> Askew

> Recursion

> Anagram

> Define Anagram

My personal favourites are last three as I’m a massive fan of wordplay and incessantly, much to the annoyance of the office, crack puns.

What’s your favourite Google Easter Egg?

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