Google Pulling no Punches – Interflora UK Seemingly Penalised by Google.

Reading around the SEO blogs today there seems to be one topic that continues to sprout up. This is the case of Interflora.

Interflora are quite a large brand in the UK and manage the delivery of flowers nationwide. At the height of their powers they were ranking for a range of high traffic keywords including [flowers] and [flower delivery] along with, naturally, their company name. Their off site presence is huge too as I’ve personally seen their logo in a few florists around my local area and have worked with Interflora resellers in the past.

Now, they don’t even rank for their own brand name and have had to invest in what I can only assume is a costly Adwords campaign.

There is widespread speculation on the matter and nothing has been confirmed at all. Interflora have refused to comment with Google stating they generally don’t comment on individual webspam rulings. However one continuous theme seems to be that Interflora were “Rewarding” active and popular bloggers that included a link to their site in a few blog posts.

If this is the case then it looks like Google saw this, not as Interflora rewarding bloggers for good work, but as Interflora actively Paying for links from these bloggers. As we all know Paid links are BAD for SEO. It’s against Google’s terms and conditions and can lead to penalisation.

But before we announce ourselves Judge and Jury making conclusions and accusations, we have to bear in mind that this is all speculation and we actually have no idea why Interflora have been penalised.

We have noticed that active bloggers on Twitter at the minute are reporting that Interflora themselves have requested the links to be removed from the relevant blogs.

A sound strategy you would think, but is this just Interflora introducing this strategy to cover up the real reason why they were penalised by Google? Is there something more sinister at work by the Flower Giants? Odds on we’re never going to know, but it does make for an interesting case, especially for this SEO Company.

Mission Christmas

Mission Christmas - Thank You.In the lead up to Christmas we took part in an appeal to help raise money and provide toys to children who were at risk of receiving no Christmas presents at all. Can you imagine your children waking up on Christmas day to nothing?

We didn’t like the idea of that either so we offered our help to Key103’s Cash For Kids appeal, opening up our office as a drop off point for people making donations. We all got together, dug deep and made a sizeable donation ourselves.

Being located in the thriving City Centre of Manchester we managed to receive quite a few more donations from people who were around and decided to use us as their drop off point of choice.

But the picture is bigger than that of our efforts. All over Manchester businesses were opening their pockets and their doors making and receiving donations every day to help put a toy in a child’s stocking who, otherwise, would have gone without.

From small local businesses to the likes of John Lewis and O2, the Christmas Spirit was in plentiful supply with companies clubbing together in this great mission, to make a happy Christmas for all children, a success.

And success was achieved. With over £820,000 worth of toys distributed to children living in poverty. This was a great effort by all involved and as a token of this collaboration we received a special thank you message from Key103.

Mission Christmas - Thank you 2.


How to Get to the Top of Google

Google is easily the most popular search engine around. The phrase ‘I’ll Google it’ is an everyday one, and it is on the majority of smart phones. A recent study by the Kelsey Group in 2010 showed that 97% of consumers with access to the Internet now research products, services and future purchases online, and that 90.94% of these searches are carried out on Google last August. This easily exceeds all of the other search engines including Yahoo and Bing.

The Internet is now a practically an essential piece of advertising equipment, and digital marketing is fast becoming the main form of marketing that people use, for several reasons. It is faster and easier to update, quick to distribute and very flexible. There are a number of Internet tools you can use include search engines, websites and social media and by combining all of these outlets you can reach a high number of people, especially with smart phones making the Internet accessible on the go. With search engines being such a well used tool to find products and services, the majority of businesses aim to be listed on there, and most importantly, as high as possible. Many people will only look at the first few businesses listed, possibly seeing them as the most credible and used. This credibility is essential to establish yourself online, which is why a lot of businesses spend money on Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, to ensure they are listed as high as possible. There are a number of techniques that SEO companies and professionals such as Net66 use to achieve this, and these are the main three:

Firstly, businesses use key words and phrases within their website and online marketing to ensure they are likely to be seen as ‘relevant’ to searches made by people looking for their particular service or product. A plumber in London may include the phrases ‘plumber London’ and ‘plumber in London’, but they might also use phrases like ‘burst pipe London’ or ‘blocked drains London’, as these are phrases a person needing a plumber might use. These keywords can also also be used in ‘content marketing’ such as blogs and articles.

Creating links to your website. This can include listing yourself on online directories, asking your customers to link their site to yours, or writing content for other sites that link to your site. The more credible, relevant and popular the site, the better the effect on your SEO.

Using social media. Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter have company pages which you can link to your website. Not only are these relevant and popular sites to be linked to, but whenever people mention you or ‘like’ you on a social network, it creates social signals which search engines take into account when ranking you.

How do I get my website to the first page of Google?

Google is undisputedly one of the biggest brands in the world, and easily the largest search engine, with it’s nearest competitor ‘Bing’ only getting 14% of the market share. This is what makes Google one of the best marketing sources you can use, and getting your website on the first page of Google gives your site a clear and visible online presence.

One way is to ‘buy’ adverts, called Pay Per Click adverts. As the name suggests, you pay a set amount for every time someone clicks on your advert to go through to your site. This method of advertising can be costly and subject to abuse if someone repeatedly clicks your advert and runs up your marketing bill. PPC also only accounts for a small amount of traffic to sites, with many people preferring organic search results.

Organic search results, as in not sponsored, are listed in order of relevance according to Google. Google programs called ‘spiders’ or ‘robots’ scan your website for keywords and phrases relevant to a particular search. For example, if someone searches ‘website design Leicester’, you site would be more likely to appear high on the listings if your site contained a lot of phrases like ‘website design,’ ‘web design’ and of cause ‘Leicester.’ Google also looks at the number of links your site has to other reputable and relevant sites, as well as your use of social media such as Twitter.

It is possible to make your website more appealing to search engines using a technique called Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the process of ensuring your website contains the best keywords to attract the right customers, updating your site regularly and building links to other sites. Net66 are one of the most popular companies for SEO Leicester wide, so call them for a competitive quote and to ask their expert advice on the best SEO for your business.

How do I get my website on Google?

Once you have your business website built, the next step is to get people to it. Some business owners are very naive and expect people to go to their site just by them putting their website out there and on their business cards. The problem is that potential customers are a lot like sheep. You can gently guide them somewhere but it might take a while; sometimes they just need a big push. (We are not recommending anyone reading this should push sheep, by the way.)

There are many ways to get people to your site; email advertising, social media like Facebook, even good old fashioned newspaper adverts, but one of the best sources of traffic is search engines. Google is, and will be for the foreseeable future, the biggest search engine, which is why getting your website onto Google is one the best ways to drive traffic to your site.

You can start this by submitting your website to Google, essentially inviting their programs which are called ‘spiders’ or ‘robots’ to read your site. Then their spiders will read your site, and determine based on a number of criteria, how highly they rate your site, and they will put your site on their listings based on their findings.

Google closely guard how they rate websites, but as with everything, there are ways. Net66, the highest ranking SEO company Manchester wide, have years of experience, and know that it’s a combination of the right content, the right links to other sites and using social media to the best of your ability. If you’re starting a business, you can’t afford not to use a professional search engine optimising company, and with Net66 being well known for SEO Sheffield, Leicester and Manchester wide, they are a good SEO company with a great proven track record.

Internet Marketing your Business

Nearly all businesses benefit from some sort of Internet presence, and incorporating online marketing as part of your marketing plan is an excellent way of making sure that you are reaching all of your potential customers.

Creating a website these days is not expensive, and there are some very affordable website packages out there. There are a selection of companies providing website design, so you can ring around for some quotes, and better yet, check out their websites to see theirs.

Once you have a website you need to promote it. This includes putting your website address on all of your correspondence and offline marketing, but the best way to get your business noticed is by making sure that your website appears high up on popular search engines such as Google and Bing. It is possible to place a paid advert, and you do this on a Pay Per Click basis, where you pay every time someone clicks on your advert. You can also do this through SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the practice of using relevant keywords and phrases, links and social media to show search engines that your site is the best quality site, and the most relevant to a particular search, for example website design Manchester would bring up all of the websites for companies providing website design in Manchester.

Many website design and SEO companies in manchester also provide Internet Marketing, and it is well worth getting your website made with SEO in mind so that your site has a head start. Adding relevant content regularly in the form of a blog can be done either by them or yourselves as well as linking your website to any social media you have such as Facebook or Twitter.

90% of people look for a service or product they need online, so your business needs a professional and well designed website to keep up with your competitors and make your business work.

Why SEO is important for businesses

Recent studies show that 90% of people searching for a product or service use a search engine such as Google or Bing to find what they are looking for. It is for this reason that Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, is important for any business. SEO is the process of getting a website as high a ranking as possible on search engines, and isn’t as easy as it sounds.

So many businesses have websites these days that every business is competing against similar businesses in their area for the top spot. A business needs a solid SEO strategy to compete, and many people chose to use professionals to get the best possible result. Net66, as one of the best companies for SEO in Manchester, prove themselves by always being at the top of Google when someone searches ‘SEO Manchester.’ In a city full of SEO companies, this is no mean feat.

There are many ways that SEO professionals get your website to the top of the pile. Methods they use include;
adding new website content, articles and blogs to a business website. New content on a website causes search engines to visit your site regularly and re-evaluate its ranking. If the new content contains enough keywords and quality content, the website’s ranking will improve every time.
Linking your website, articles and blogs to social media, encouraging people to comment on your posts. This creates ‘social signals’ which search engines take into account when ranking your business website.
Creating links between your site and other high ranking sites, giving your website credibility.

If you have a business website, then SEO is the only way to go to maximise it’s efficiency.

Beautiful Website Design

At Net66 we know we provide some of the best website design Manchester wide, and pride ourselves on tailoring the websites we create to the business we create it for. We always bear in mind the type of customer that each business is trying to attract and what industry they are in. A business website should reflect a business as much as a shop, office or premises would, and we have no problem taking the time to talk you through what you’d like, and changing it until it’s just right.

We have a varied portfolio, and we don’t just do website design in Manchester, we do it all across the UK and beyond. One of the industries we cover a lot is wedding services. Weddings are big business these days and extremely competitive, with customers shopping around to save money wherever they can. We designed a website for a wedding photographer, where we were pleased to help her showcase her amazing and unique wedding style. We also created a site for a cake stand supplier, which is a more specialised area of the wedding industry. For both sites we enjoyed creating an elegant feel where couples could appreciate what these services could do for their big day.

We don’t stop at weddings though. Our portfolio covers home improvement and property maintenance, where we focused on the services they offered and the finish they can achieve in people’s home. We also supply sites for the health industry including opticians, mechanics and car repair, and even dog crèches and supplies! We think by being flexible and catering to any company’s needs, we can show that we can turn our hand to any kind of website design toy might need for your business.

New Website is now live!

It is important for a business to constantly evolve to keep up with an ever changing world, especially in a fast paced industry such as internet marketing. This is one of the reasons that here at Net66 we have now released our brand new website.

When we design websites for our clients, we design one that will last the test of time. However, as one of the leaders in website design Manchester wide, we want to showcase our design skills. We know that sites need to be easier to read and navigate to be effective, but we also believe that the way a website looks is just as important. It is essentially your shop window, and can draw people in or push them away.

We are also one of the most established companies for SEO in Manchester. Our website has gone to the top of Google in record time. SEO is a competitive market in Manchester, and if we can get ourselves to the first page of Google within a matter of days, we are more then confident we can do the same for our customers.

We know that our new website projects how we see ourselves. Modern, forward thinking and state of the art. We are linked to all of the social networks in the way we would for our customers, using the skills of our sister company The Social Media People. Our website will continue to develop, as will we, to keep up with the exciting, fast paced world of online marketing.

Website Design Experts

 Throughout the recession most businesses have struggled and even the most successful blue chip companies have had to tighten their belt to weather the storm. A few of the fripperies should have to be cut out, but your online presence should 100% not be one of them.

As you’re trying to save money, so are your customers. Instead of wandering the shops they will be shrewdly calculating how they can afford the products and services they want and/or need, and looking online is one way they will do this. If you think you cannot afford a website at this time, I’m telling you you can’t afford not to have a website.

Web design companies are offering more and more competitive packages. Net66 provides some of the leading services for website design Manchester wide, and have seen the benefit of companies using the internet for advertising. For example, if you have a company that sells bespoke kitchens in Manchester, you need to be the most prominent, most professional kitchen supplying company on the web Manchester wide. You can only do this with a well designed website, show casing your work and inspiring people to buy from you instead of the guy down the road.

These days, a website is more likely to be what introduces a potential customer to your business then either your shop front of your staff. First impressions are everything, and you need to stand out. Your website should be professional, work well with search engines, project your brand image and reflect your business. You only get this from a professional website design company, and a professional designed website is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.