DWT Kitchens and Bathrooms

Walking around a show room you might get some inspiration on how you want your new bathroom and kitchen to look. It’s only when you get home that you realise whether or not it will work or not, or worse still, when the kitchen or bathroom is being fitted and problems arise. With DWT Kitchens and Bathrooms, they will come around to your house to personally talk you through the options. The fitter themselves will assess the space and facilities you have available and can give suggestions on how to achieve the look that you want. With years of experience behind them, they know what they’re doing. DWT fitters focus on quality, with a huge range of designer kitchens available. They are all about a polished finish, doing the jobs often not included, such as tiling and flooring. They’re not just fitters, they’re craftsmen.
Whenever people think about a kitchen or bathroom refit, they think of a building site for days on end. DWT fitters don’t ‘do’ mess. They aim to do the job as quickly and neatly as possible, and leave the kitchen or bathroom plumbed in and ready to go.
DWT Kitchens and Bathrooms also offer general plumbing services, as all the fitters are professionally trained plumbers. theydo jobs as small as a dripping tap all the way through to radiators and plumbing in a whole new system. We charge reasonable but realistic prices, and never charge a call out fee. We’re proud of all of the services we provide, take pride in our work and contributing to making people’s homes the way they would love them to be.