Google Goodies and Useless Information

Some Google goodies you may have overlooked

Google goodies image
Google Earth in full planet mode: one of the many goodies available.

Google’s goodies are nothing short of legendary. Many of us use the search engine to a point where Google is also a verb as well as a noun. There is more to the search engine than its image search, Street View, Android operating system, and self driving car experiments. There’s a wealth of other things you can do or learn about. We at Net Sixty Six have taken a look.

Exploring other worlds

There’s only so many times you can only wander around Times Square or Hollyhedge Road without being bored. If you’re fed up with Street View, you can also zoom out towards geostationary orbit a la Google Earth.

Google Mars

If seeing New York or Wythenshawe in Street View seems so 2009, why not have tea with Mark Watney? As this site implies, you are given a two dimensional view of the red planet. Pins mark out Martian regions and other features (but, alas, no Mr. Watney: he’s gone back to Earth and he’s fictional anyway). You can view the map in infrared, elevation, and visibility forms.

Google Moon

The above is also true of our nearest neighbour. Again, this is presented as a two dimensional map (with elevation and visibility) though with flags to denote Apollo missions.

Google Earth

To view Mars and the Moon in three dimensional forms, you can now do the same with Google Earth. Version 5.0 enables you to see the two bodies and more besides. For Moon view, there are 3D models of landed spacecraft and video clips from Apollo mission astronauts. We could do an entire article on Google Earth’s latest features.

Google Sky

At this time of writing, not a future merger with Rupert Murdoch’s best known brand. Google Sky enables you to go beyond Earth and Mars. Towards the universe in two dimensions with a choice of infrared, microwave or historical map views.

Mind blowing decisions blown and boredom busters

For the next selection of goodies, we recommend playing with the following ‘toys’ in your lunch break, brew break, or aboard the 1745 to Southport.

Atari Breakout

We have come across this gem before in a previous Net Sixty Six SEO post. Google’s tribute to Atari’s Breakout is highly playable (I prefer Arkanoid on the C64 – Ed). What a shame our PCs cannot support the paddle controls from the VCS console. All you need to do is go to image search and type in “Atari Breakout”.

Askew or Tilt

Just enter “askew” or “tilt” into the search bar tilts your search engine to the right.

Do a Barrel Roll

Entering the search string “do a” or “do a barrel roll” enables your favourite search engine directory to do just that.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is a gaming term to denote the total annihilation of your opponent. Entering this phrase enables us to wipe out all the search engine results from the screen (using the said term of course).

Head or Tails

For this feature, enter “flip a coin” or “heads or tails” into Google. Then, the search engine simulates a coin toss. As goodies go, a nifty one.

Timer and Stopwatch

You can even set the time on Google. This is ideal if you’re using a phone to set the stopwatch for your microwave burger’s standing time. Or for waking up sleepy coders. The timer function is good and has the bonus feature of an audible alarm.


There are a few other goodies and trivia about our favourite search we have yet to mention. Here’s a few noteworthy pieces of trivia.

  1. The relatives or spouse of deceased Google employees are eligible for 50% of the employee’s salary a year for ten years. Children till the age of nineteen receive an allowance of $1,000 per month.
  2. Google employees are known as Googlers. Newcomers are known as Nooglers.
  3. Google was originally known as Backrub, and the spelling of its name is a spelling error made by an employee of the then nascent search engine directory.

Net Sixty Six SEO, 22 December 2016.