Net66: How To Do Email Outreach To Increase Conversion

If you own a business or a domain that offers a service then know doubt you get 100s of emails a day with people offering all sorts of nonsense. Am I correct? Of course I am, but don’t worry you are not the only one.

I am going to give you a couple of tips in which you can get your outreach email to stand out from the crowd. Believe me it makes a huge difference to your conversion rate.

Be Noticed!

The first tip is all to do with the subject. As stated above webmasters get 100s automated emails daily. This has led most people to quickly scan the subject line in their inbox’s to see which emails are important.Your subject line needs to grab the attention of the reader straight away.

The way to do this is make it personal! (Not aggresively of course!)

Top Tip

Include the web owners domain in the subject. This can be a killer way to grab the attention of a webmaster as more than likely they rarely get a subject line with the domain or the website name in it unless it is a genuine email!

email outreach

Attention Gained, what next?

Now we have gained the attention, it is time to put together an awesome email which will make the owner comply with what you want.

The aim for this is to build a relationship, so the first line of the email should go include the webmasters name, again this is something an automated email cannot do and will stand out from the others!

The body of the email totally depends on what you are trying to put across for example an infographic promotion or a guest blog post.

What to do:-

• Personalise the email
• Be friendly (tickle their ego and tell them how good they are)
• Short and sweet (max 70 words)
• Straight to the point (don’t beg, offer/bait!)
• Offer  them something in return or something they will get a benefit out of

Follow these simple steps and you will increase your conversion!

For example if you are wanting to promote an infographic then put something along the lines of:

Subject: A perfect Infographic for WEBSITE – catchy subject line

Hi WEBMASTER NAME – Name makes it personal

I was reading your site as I do on a regular basis (I’m a big fan!)… tickled ego … and came across this article ARTICLE RELEVANT TO INFOGRAPHIC.

I have just put together an infographic which would be perfect for this post, I thought you might get a kick out of it :-D! (benefit for them – an appealing infographic for their post)

Let me know if you would like to check it out. (Straight to the point – offering/baiting by not sending them the link immediately)


Try it yourself and comment with your results!

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead