Net66 SEO: Make the Most of your Landing Pages

Leading a horse to water can be quite easy, but keeping it there long enough to drink is a whole other matter. Consider these tips to make the most out of the horses at your water:

Make it Professional & Attractive

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but everyone still does. It’s not a choice we can make, we see something we like and we don’t know why we like it but it’s pretty. And if it’s pretty, and looks like it can do the job you’re looking for someone to do, then brilliant. To do this you need to understand what your target market wants and radiate this throughout your website. Then your market, who have other websites to view, will remember your website if they decide to browse more if their mind hasn’t been made up by your beautiful site in the first place.

Keep Navigation Simple

An all singing all dancing website is great if that’s what your client is after. If you’re looking to serve your regular small to medium businesses then this approach might not work for them. If, however, you construct your content in an easy to read format and include “next page”, “previous page” and other such buttons that make navigation easy, you’ll find many more people staying on your website for longer. If some one reads to the bottom of a page and finds a “read more” button or a list of related articles, they’re much more likely to actually read more than scroll all the way back up to the page to hunt for more content to read.

Solve Problems for Visitors

Visitors for your site might not necessarily be looking for your service, but that is not a reason to discount these types of visitors. Recently I wrote a post about how to add Google authorship to your blog. It’s been great watching the traffic build to that page as more and more people visit it. The reason this is worth doing is to get people to like your website, which they will if you have a reliable source of information that can help them. Then if they encounter a problem in future they can’t solve, they’re more likely to come back to your site rather than visit a competitors blog or run an internet search. Then you can build a relationship with these visitors and build a rapport.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey