A New Look for Facebook Pages

Ad-free layout introduced for Facebook pages

Facebook Pages tablet by Anikei.
User-Friendly: the new look Facebook Pages layout has more clarity than the previous layout. Image by Anikel (via Shutterstock).

Something of a silent revolution is taking place in Facebookland. Aesthetic changes are being made to Facebook Pages. The social networking site’s business pages are being given a cleaner layout. Furthermore, there will be no advertising seen on the right hand of the page. Aesthetic changes to standard Facebook feeds as far as we know will remain unchanged and display adverts based on one’s browsing and posting habits.

According to the Marketing Land website, ad revenues on Facebook Pages have fallen short of their original targets. Their desktop ads have seen a drop in impressions. The popular social networking site has opted to make Facebook Pages a business and community hub. A bit like Microsoft’s LinkedIn though with local horticultural societies as well as major businesses.

The Previous Look

Net66 Facebook pages old look
Before: the previous version of Net66’s Facebook Page.

On the first image, notice how the right-hand side is used for sponsored links. We see our logo on the bottom left of the cover image. This is true with the call-to-action buttons opposite the Net66 logo.

The Latest Look

The latest look for Facebook Pages (seen on Net66's Facebook page).
After: how Net66’s Facebook business page looks with the layout.

Notice the main difference between this image and the previous one. Our call-to-action button and the other buttons are below the cover image. The ‘call now’ button stands out better due to its length and colour.

The most striking change made to Facebook Pages entails the position of our avatar. This is no longer seen on top of the cover image. That has been cut in width.

Friends and Family First

With recent changes to Facebook Pages, Mr. Zuckerberg and Co aim to get Facebook back to its roots. That of connecting people. For many social networking hardliners, it represents a return to form for the Little Old Book of Face. Though the adverts will be ditched from Facebook Pages, they will still be seen on personal pages or within games like Candy Crush Saga.

At this time of writing, the new Facebook Pages can only be seen within the Google Chrome browser. It has yet to be seen within Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox browsers.

Net66, 22 July 2016.