Would You Buy a Self-Driving Car Off These Men?

Google or Tesla? The race to be the self-driving car kings of the road

Google Self-Driving Car by Martial Red
The shape of things to come: Google’s self-driving car. Image by Martial Red (via Shutterstock).

Imagine it’s 2008: you are sat in the canteen of Net66’s HQ trying to find a seat. You talk to one of the sales people within The Social Media People and say “we could be driving Google cars”. The person puts on a sly laugh with words similar to “yeah, right”. Fast forward eight years, and say the very same words to your fellow colleague: this time the response is more complementary. Self-driving cars actually exist. Back in 2008, a self-driving car meant yours truly doing the driving. Continue reading “Would You Buy a Self-Driving Car Off These Men?”