Too Much Risk in SEO

Is it worth taking a risk with SEOYesterday I talked about how taking risks in SEO can be beneficial to your SEO campaigns. This included a bit on how hiring a talented writer with no SEO experience could pay off as their writing talent could be honed towards SEO. Or how re-designing your website could massively improve user engagement and experience to dramatically reduce bounce rate and improve conversions. Even if there is a short term dip in rankings.

Today however comes the other side of the coin where we’ll be discussing what risks are NOT worth taking when considering the SEO of your website.

Outsourcing SEO Copywriting: We mentioned yesterday that having someone in-house who is a talented writer, yet inexperienced at constructing SEO copy, could be a risk. With outsourcing this you completely remove the control you have over the quality of content. For all you know you could hire Bob to generate 500 words for £20. He could then outsource this to another copywriting service that charges peanuts. And we all know that when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Plus, if you pay upfront and then don’t think the content you’ve received is quality enough for what you’ve paid, then it can sometimes leave you in a bit of a mess.

Over Optimisation: This can consist of Grey and sometimes even Black Hat techniques. For those on the top of their game this is clearly something to avoid. But there are still companies out there who employ such tactics to achieve a short term gain. The usual tactics can involve; Cloaking, where paragraphs of keyword stuffed SEO text have an image over the top to hide it; Keyword Stuffing, where keyword density is too high due to too many repetitions in the text, title and meta descriptions. In a Liam Neesonesque manner, no matter how well you hide your SEO, Google will find you, Google will remove your PageRank, and Google will Penalise you.

Advanced Web Development: After you took a risk on re-designing your website, there are a few things you need to tidy up such as page redirections. Definitely worth doing as that old page has some link juice to pass on. But, you don’t much about PHP and page directions. “I know! I’ll Google it”, you find a nice simple tutorial and try to follow it to a T. However the greater concepts of PHP get the better of you and you end up breaking your site. If Google cache’s your site when it’s down then obviously you’re going to suffer in the SERPs, and if you can’t fix it yourself in the time it takes Google to cache your site again, then you’re in serious trouble. I’d definitely advise to do it right the first time and hire someone who knows exactly what they’re doing to avoid any downtime.

But everyone has their own opinion and all are worth listening too. What are your thoughts on SEO Risks?

Post by: Greg McVey