brief Google Penalty Removal

DreamKatcha are a customer focused web design company in Bracknell, Berkshire, UK offering creative, responsive websites and graphic design services.

It was imperative for the business to be highly visible in the Search Engine rankings and it was evident that some SEO expertise was required to help get the website back on track.

After some level of apprehension initially, DreamKatcha soon noticed the results picking up again through regular communication with Net Sixty Six. By working together, we are now starting to see fruition for our targeted keyword rankings with improved Search Engine visibility and increase in Organic visitors to the website.

The Analysis

Back in September 2016, Net Sixty Six carried out a comprehensive website audit for DreamKatcha and it became apparent that the site was being impacted by a penalty from Google. This was largely due to a high volume of  low quality backlinks to the website as well as thin content being featured on the website.

Using a wide range of link auditing tools, a report was put together to analyse these low-level backlinks in more detail and determine which URLs needed to be disavowed, a process where Google is instructed to disregard the links being reported when it comes to calculating the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other sites.

In addition, an analysis of the site’s anchor text distribution at the time, reported an unnatural use of keywords being targeted, as shown in the keyword cloud, below. Ideally, the more prominent keywords should be brand-related or related to business services.

The Process

Above: Confirmation from Google from a link disavow file submission for DreamKatcha.

Onsite SEO

Following on from the link removal / Disavow process, Net Sixty Six started with the On-page Optimisation. All pages were updated using researched, relevant keywords within the meta data and Content.

Additional Blog posts and new landing pages were created based on any of the poorer-performing keywords. They were then promoted and shared across associated Social Media sites with the data monitored closely through custom reporting.

Further updates were made to the website’s sitemap and robots files to help improve the site’s indexing by the Search Engines. All error pages were reviewed and with help from Dreamkatcha, were redirected or removed. A fresh site audit was prepared with any additional on-page site issues then resolved, including missing or duplicated meta data,

Net Sixty Six also carried out intensive Outreach / link building by researching other websites and Blogs within the same industry and contacting them for guest posting opportunities. The aim was to replace the unwanted or irrelevant backlinks that had been disavowed, with new links to DreamKatcha that would act as ‘votes’ towards the website.

Above: New landing page created for DreamKatcha to help target keywords more effectively

The Results

Having effectively carried out both the on-page and off-page SEO strategies, Net Sixty Six were able to report a significant increase in overall traffic to DreamKatcha. It became apparent that the domain was showing signs of recovery from the recent penalty and was now heading in the right direction.

Organic traffic for the past 30 days showed almost a 60% increase compared to the same period in October:

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Customer Care

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