Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many other Social Media platforms have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years prompting the rise in Social Media Marketing.
You can market yourself using Social Media in many ways as there are many social networks out there and each one can be as different as the next:

Likes and shares seem to be the most sought after thing on Facebook these days. There are also so many ways to achieve an increase in both of these. You can do this in many different ways. One great example is to run a competition. Offer a free product or service in exchange for a like or a share, the more valuable the product or service, the more likely people will be to want it, leading to more likes and more shares.

We can manage these campaigns to ensure you have the right promotion of the competition in the first place to get the ball rolling. Then, as the competition grows in visibility, it will start to receive organic likes. This is where it can begin to snowball, with each new like and share getting displayed on each new user’s profile. People who are friends with this user on Facebook are instantly more inclined to also like and share your page as they are friends, maybe sharing common interests pertaining to your company.

You can also boost posts about your company’s competition by way of sponsored stories. What this does is to boost the amount of time and the frequency of your post is shown, but only to the friends of people who already like your page. This encourages friends of the person and even cites them as a reference in the post such as “Joe Bloggs likes this post” and then displays your post. Further increasing the likelihood of interaction and a like or share.



To market on Twitter you have to take a different tack. Their “Promoted Trends” option is only available to certain companies. A good way to market yourself on Twitter is to take advantage of what is currently trending. This gets you involved with what is going on in the Twittersphere and as it’s real-time, you often get interactions.

You can also promote your website and use #hashtags to get involved in certain debates. The use of a hashtag is to basically add yourself into a category. So if SEO Manchester Ltd were to release a blog on SEO we would tag that with #SEO. Anyone looking for information on SEO would search for this phrase and as our hashtag includes this, we would be in the results.

Social Media marketing is so vast as you can see from the above content and that’s without even mentioning Google+ & LinkedIn. For a more comprehensive consultation on just what we can do for your Social Media marketing campaign, get in touch!

his social network hasn’t always been a massive network to be on. Sure it is useful to some people and it is nice to have another Social Media channel to share through, but it was never seen as a major player. But that has all changed now. Google+ is tied to Google Maps, Google Places and Google Business – so having a Google Plus page is quite essential.

With more and more people using it, the usefulness of the Social network is increasing. There is now support for #hashtags, like Twitter, and there’s even trending news where you can keep up to date with the hottest topics.

At SEO Manchester Ltd we’ve been members of Google+ from day one and know the ins and the outs of the Social network, having grown with it. Even when it got a drastic facelift, which we covered, we stuck with it to understand what had changed and more importantly, why.

We find out why Google changes things around so that we can understand better what Google wants from us. What’s the best type of content to be promoting, how often you should be publishing, how to use the #hashtags and how often to use them. We asked ourselves these questions and came up with the answers.

Let SEO Manchester Ltd take control of your Google+ page or if you haven’t set one up yet, we can provide that service too.



Dubbed the Professional Social Network, LinkedIn differs from the rest of the social networks because it prefers to keep things a bit more formal. Whereas Facebook, Twitter and to some extent Google+ are largely for the younger generation to keep in touch with friends and share their lives, LinkedIn provides a platform for professionals to build connections.

There are tons of great features on LinkedIn that can help grow your business in different ways. We can create you a company profile and then get that profile in front of the right people. Signing up for relevant groups, posting relevant blogs and even paid promotion can help increase activity on your page.

All this will lead to more people in your industry recognising your company as an authority for their niche. This, in turn, will exponentially increase traffic to your website which will then lead LinkedIn to naturally suggest your company profile to people on their network looking for your services.

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