Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is essentially ensuring that local people can find you when searching for the services you offer online. It is not as simple as being located in an area to rank locally, we will help you meet Google criteria to appear on Page #1 for searches related to your business locally.

Before we get to the next-level work, we may need to work on the basics at least a little bit. In the first few months of our working together, we’ll likely need to help you on these fundamentals:

Google My Business SEO

SEO Manchester Ltd will organise, correlate and manage your online presence. We ensure it is optimised to its maximum potential and delivering the best results from your listings. Knowing all the elements of the Local SEO Map listings is invaluable to your rankings.

Citation Clean-up & Building

If your business does not have a local presence on the directories and sites Google expects you to be listed, you may not rank as well as you could. This is also true if your listings have incorrect or inconsistent business info. We can correlate all the details and get through to the right people to get things sorted.

Website Audit & SEO

Initially we carry out a 256-point Audit on your site and all the elements within your website that will contribute to your rankings. This will create an itinerary of tasks and changes to make to the website throughout. If you have an IT team we liaise with them to collaboratively achieve the results we want.

After we lay the Foundations, we then move on to the Ongoing SEO Work

After laying the foundations of the SEO, we then move onto raising your profile substantially and the more demanding technical elements of Search Engine Optimisation.

High Quality Content Creation

In terms of content there are many things to consider on your website, you may be an expert in your field – but that doesn’t automatically translate to being able to write the type of content both your audiences and Google want from your website. As well as creating the high quality content we need we also assist in separating and optimising the contents relevancy & distribution within your page structure.

Link Research Process

Getting high quality natural links can be challenging at times as there is always the natural element of links to discover and getting high quality links that aren’t link opportunities for us to follow.

We spend a lot of man hours collating all the information we need to get it sorted so we have a clear plan of what we are going to do.

Asset Creation

As well as creating regular, high quality content for the website, we will occasionally create content with a view to pursuing link opportunities. We will generally look to use your expertise as well. Collaboratively we want to create some high quality content that will be linked to a lot.

Outreach Campaigns

Upon creating the itinerary for link opportunities we will then act on the opportunities and reach out to all potential link opportunities we have. We are able to make use of the MailSender Email Marketing Platform and use our partnership with them to get the best possible results. We may require a little input from you on this, but together we can get some great links and boost your rankings substantially.

Review Strategy

As well as helping you get reviews and giving you easy step by step instructions for your clients we also help you get feedback and publish it online making it easy to generate reviews no matter what your workload or availability is generally like.

World-Class Expertise

Local SEO, just like any SEO is not an exact science and there are many elements specific to your business that we will want to make sure are accounted for. We have years of experience in doing this type of thing and have dealt with enough to understand the potential issues you will have. In the past 12 years we’ve reached out to over 1 Million potential Link sources.