Website History

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Net Sixty Six Logo


The very first website of Net66’s actually had a blue design. A far cry from the nicely rounded, red logo we’ve come to associate with Net66. Built in standard HTML with a few PHP functions, this represents the very earliest of Net66



The first Net66 site to feature a red theme (and the now iconic red 66), although similar in layout to the previous blue site, had much more PHP functionality. Rotating images and dynamic content made this Net66 site an altogether more different beast.

Net Sixty Six logo


What a difference a year makes. With the advent of CSS, the design aspect of websites changes almost overnight. Looking at this colourful website below you can see just how much of an advancement to websites CSS was. We liked this theme so much that it’s still in employment today on our site.


One of our first implementations of our slider, this Net66 site is arguably our most experimental website. Now choosing red as our prominent colour, this was the also the first time we offered a log in to our website for clients. Enabling them to contact us 24 hours a day. This custom built login system was created using the latest in PHP, leading the way for custom built functions.

Net Sixty Six


As sliders became increasingly more popular, for this site we focused a lot more detail on the slider. Employing 3D transitions, we stayed at the forefront of Web Design. 2008 also brought the advent of Social Media with us displaying several links to our Social Media profiles, as well as utilising Twitter’s API to add a ticker of our latest tweets to our site.

Net66 Logo


With 2008 seeing a simplistic background and a design-heavy slider, we decided to switch the roles for our new site, employing a minimalist slider and a design-heavy background. The clash of a modern background and simplistic slider worked fantastically.

Net 66 logo


With minimalistic website catching on, we employing simplistic themes throughout our website, most noticeably on the sidebars. After the previous website we switched to a slider that still featured prominently, but was not full width. This made it easier for clients to contact us with the new contact form seen on the right. The slider itself ran in Javascript enabling us to choose from a wide array of the most modern transitions.

Net sixty six logo


Going back to our red roots, Net66 redesigned the menu on this side and also customised our previous slider to make it full width. We also redesigned the three boxes shown on the home page updated their images in line with the latest trends. We also re-worked the sidebar on this website using the latest PHP functions to create another bespoke login system.

logo Net Sixty Six


Apart from a few design changes, most notably the background and menu, Net66 pushed the boat out and created our own Live Chat function. Using complex Javascript we ensured that you could connect with a live person whenever a staff member was available. We mimicked the pop out function of the live chat box and created a custom contact pop out so that we were only ever a click away.

netsixtysix logo


2013 saw a complete redesign of the website into what you can see below. We went for softer tones of red around the site as well as a much larger, featured slider.
Rather than having a separate menu box down the right hand side, this was removed to allow more space for our main service boxes to advertise our SEO, Web Design and Print & Media services.

Net Sixty Six logo


As the Industry continued to advance we went with a video header on our refreshed design for 2014. Focusing on the growing nature of our client base and position in the digital marketing industry we changed to a more crisp & clean feel to the website.

net66 logo


Net66 again had a big design change this year but a lot of the focus of the redesign was on our logo, moving on from the traditional Net66 to the new NetSixtySix format.

n66 logo


Following on from further redesign work here,  our logo was simplified with a more minimalistic look with our core services outlined.

n66 logo


This year saw our brand name merged with the logo with Social Media links added for our main business channels, to help improve visitor experience.

n66 logo


Further redesign work was carried out this year with our core services listed below the brand name and an overview of some iconic Manchester scenery was added as a background.

n66 logo


A new website look and feel was in order this year with a rebrand of all content using the latest available techniques and coding to create a  content-rich and aesthetically-pleasing website that could be appreciated by our existing and potential customers.