Established as a father and son partnership and progressing to hire three more children/siblings, Net Sixty Six has long been a family company. Coming from that familial background, we’ve taken an honest and ethical approach to SEO. Which in this instance means employing a strictly White Hat SEO policy. Black Hat techniques, as well as Grey Hat, are punishable by flogging in our office (figuratively). The reasons behind doing this stem from more meaningful logic than our honesty as a family; this is because White Hat SEO is sustainable and future-proof. Meaning that any future algorithms that Google may bring out (such as Panda and Penguin), won’t affect your website’s visibility in the search engines. Google is constantly changing and the only way to stay ahead of the curve is by using only white hat techniques that do not stray from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. That way when Google does change an algorithm, which they usually keep under the Webmaster guidelines, your website is already optimised in a way that’s in accordance with Google’s policies. At Net Sixty Six we use the mantra of “our business, is your business”. We understand our two businesses are inextricably linked. Without your business, we wouldn’t have a service to provide, and without our business, your business wouldn’t flourish the way it needs to. This reliance helps forge strong business partnerships between us and our clients. Personally, we’ve seen our staff put in that extra work not, as some cynics would believe, to get ahead and secure a promotion or wage raise. We at NetSixtySix genuinely care for our clients with this care starting with sales, consolidating with customer service and solidified with the technicians.