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Our highly experienced team of technicians have all the right tools and knowledge to look ‘under the hood’ of your website and get to the root of the problem efficiently. No job is too small or too big.

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We work on most types of Content Management Systems and platforms. From flat HTML websites or blogs produced in WordPress, to more complex platforms such as Magento, Big Commerce or Woo Commerce.

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We love what we do and every issue presents a new challenge. Our team sees any technical problem as an opportunity to learn new things or put our trusted methodology into practice.

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Whilst we are busy fixing things that may come up from time to time, we will be sure to thoroughly check through the rest of the website for any other underlying issues. Contact our team at SEO Manchester Ltd to see how we can help with your website fixes.

It is possible for website faults to appear at any time if a website has not been looked after correctly. This could be something small like an over-used plug-in that affects website’s performance, or a bigger problem which will cause the website to crash altogether. Each issue presents a new challenge – we love what we do and every issue presents a new opportunity for us to learn and put our trusted methodology into practice – simple fixes can become complex endeavours with more research required than you might first expect! SEO Manchester Ltd has a proud history of fixing common and complex website issues. Our technical team has a wealth of experience dealing with complex issues and they pride their knowledge on best practice solutions.


“After months of hard work, our wonderful new website is up and running. Thank you to all the team at SEO Manchester. A highly knowledgeable team, with everlasting patience, we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again from everyone at”

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