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Website Repairs

We pride our ourselves on our technical staff and our ability to fix errors. No matter how big or small, NetSixtySix technical staff know their way around websites.

WordPress Specialists

Let us help you with WordPress. It is responsible for over 70% of the worlds live websites and no surprise with its amazing CMS functionality and huge selection of Plugins.

Love Our Work

SEO Manchester Ltd take pride in the work we deliver. We make sure that any work performed is properly checked before presenting it to any of our clients, no matter how big or small a task.

On-going Support

Our customers love SEO Manchester Ltd because we care for them. If there is ever an issue it is very reassuring for them to know that they can ring us up at any time to have any task resolved, usually within moments.

About Company

SEO Manchester Ltd has a proud history of fixing common and complex website issues. Our technical team has a wealth of experience dealing with complex issues and they pride their knowledge on best practice solutions.


“After months of hard work, our wonderful new website is up and running. Thank you to all the team at SEO Manchester. A highly knowledgeable team, with everlasting patience, we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again from everyone at”

We Specialise in:

missing-pages  Missing Pages

browser-differences Browser Differences

script-error Script Errors

hosting-changes Hosting Changes

broken-plugin Broken Plugins

google-adword-error Google Adwords Errors

php-error PHP Errors

broken-sliders Broken Sliders

server-errors Server Errors

website-navigation Website Navigation Issues

dreamweaver-errors Dreamweaver Errors

slow-loading-times Slow Loading Times

broken-links Broken Links

backup-restoration Backup Restoration

css-errors CSS Errors

wordpress-errors WordPress Errors

seo-issues SEO Issues

template-errors Template Errors

broken-menus Broken Menus

website-version-change Website Version Changes

accessibility-problems Accessibility Problems

improperly-embedded-code Imporperly Embedded Code

page-errors Page Errors

poorly-coded-html Poorly Coded HTML

domain-changes Domain Changes

outdfated-unsupported-code Outdated/Unsupported Code

poor-website-security Poor Website Security

page-formatting-issues Page Formatting Issues

improper-code-usage Improper Code Usage

database-connections Database Connections

poor-image-quality Poor Image Quality

browser-compatibility Browser Compatibility Issues

screen-size-issues Screen-Size Problems

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