Web Design Portfolio

Chiropractic First

Colour Scheme

Website Features

Bespoke Meet The Team Element

Exquisite Attention To Detail

In-Depth User Friendly Menu

Fixed Call To Action Tabs

AD Woodcraft logo

AD Woodcraft had been a previous customer of SEO Manchester Ltd and very happy with the service we provide. They present to us a practical and simple vision in mind and SEO Manchester Ltd proceeded to create their ideal website.

Colour Scheme

Website Features

Beautiful contrasts across the site

Excellent contemporary typography

Modern page layout

Parallax effect that takes the website to another level

Coin Factory

Coin Factory have been one of our longest running customers and we continually work to make sure their website ranks highly and looks nice. It is little surprise that Coin Factory have a lot of good things to say about SEO Manchester Ltd.

Colour Scheme

Website Features

Beautiful themed buttons

Complementary & contemporary typography

Modern colour gradients

Featured & modern search facility

We have worked with Eden Manor Bridal for many years. Their website was a pleasure to design and develop; from the typography to the functionality we gave them the modern, clean and responsive site they were after.

Colour Scheme

Website Features

Stunning font and gradient

Professional photos

Bespoke themed elements

As one of the UK’s leading Cryotherapy provider, CryoAction made the decision to update their website to reflect their growing stature in the marketplace. 

We were able to work together to create a sleek version of their online presence maintaining all that was good from the previous website supplemented with a new improved navigation and a healthy injection of content throughout.

Colour Scheme

Website Features

Bespoke Log-in Section For Clients

Background Video That Seamlessly Blends Into Background

Exquisite Attention To Detail & Refinement

Using The Logo As Part Of Bespoke Design Elements

Ocean Life Aquatics

The OceanLife Aquatics website was a challenge for us to convey the high end quality of the aquariums provided and have an optimum structure throughout. 

We were able to integrate a video showcasing the quality that is available and also ensuring the website is able to load quickly whilst supporting all the resources used. 

The finished product is a brilliant conveyance of the quality & high standards provided by the business.

Colour Scheme

Website Features

Video Background To Show Off Aquatic Life

High Contrast Images To Make The Site Pop

Unique Designs That Compliment The Colourful Images

Clean Hire tasked us with refreshing the company’s website whilst maintaining the strong brand we encompassed a fresh, sleek design.
Showcasing all their main products we were able to provide an improved customer experience and a more fluid navigation structure throughout.

Colour Scheme

Website Features

Prominent Contact Form Allowing Customers To Enquire

Responsive Tables Designed For Mobiles & Desktops

Bespoke Designed Images

Custom Icons To Follow The Brands Colour

Westcotes Flooring Company

Westcotes flooring Company are a well known flooring provider in the UK and needed to reflect the quality & professionalism of their business with a new updated webs presence.
Combining Traditional branding and colours we were able to modernise and provide a finished product that is modern, sleek and reflects the brand perfectly online.

Colour Scheme

Website Features

Social Media Buttons That Follow The User As They Scroll

Navigation That Fluidly Shrinks & Adapts After Scroll

Custom Interactive 3D Brochure