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The Journey

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Web Design Concepts

Dyson Doctors original website was originally created from a BT template. The owners were never fully happy with the service and found the design to be overly restrictive and not very responsive.

It was also a slow and sluggish site and there were no options for upgrades. All these issues together with a large bill every month was the primary reason Dyson Doctor came to NetSixtySix for some help.

We considered all of their branding and created several renditions of their site:

Revolution Slider

The Revolution Slider is an incredible responsive tool add on for WordPress. For many designers calling out for motion graphics as well as the newest trends of having large dynamic images, Revolution Slider covers everything. It’s easy to use for beginners and professionals alike to use.

SEO and search engine readability are also key points to why you should use Revolution Slider as your motion graphics editor.

brief E-Commerce

Catalogue VIEW

Dyson Doctor sells a lot of variable products from Vacuum cleaners up to electric appliances.  They requested a catalogue with a view to one day perhaps becoming an ecommerce store. We chose WoocCommerce as it is highly customisable and displays products quite neatly.

With this setup in mind, the customer was very happy to see how easy it was to add products to their catalogue and delighted to hear it wouldn’t get any more complex when it came to setting up the ecommerce side.

brief SEO

Site Migration

Before the actual website migration could be carried out, it was essential to gather data in order to benchmark for future comparisons to be made. This data was obtained from Google Analytics, Search Console, site URL crawling tools and Keyword Ranking reporting softwares. It was necessary to be analyse and collect information based on the following areas:

  • Analytics data: How much Organic traffic was coming to the old site compared to other Marketing channels. Also what was the overall Bounce Rate and any Conversions data.
  • Keyword performance: Where the keywords were appearing in the organic listings and what keywords was the old site optimised for.
  • URLs: How many URLs needed to be mapped to the new site and which needed to be redirected, based on changes to the main categories or page hierarchy.
  • Backlinks: Which were the most important backlinks in terms of trust and authority for switching to any new URL destinations once the changes were made.
  • Content: What existing Content was featured on the old site.
  • Meta data: This included title tags, meta descriptions, canonicalisation tags, social meta data and any other meta data on each page of the website.
  • On-page performance: SEO audits were carried out to identify existing site issues including the number of missing or broken links, error pages, HTML opportunities and site speed performance.

Once the site was switched from the old version to the new one, a new XML sitemap was produced and registered with Google Search Console. The robots.txt file was updated to allow all content to be indexed with reference to the sitemap.The necessary 301 redirects were applied at page level and tested. Each page was optimised to include targeted keywords in the meta data and any missing Content was added.

Regular checks were made with Google and via Google Search Console to ensure the new URLs were being properly indexed whilst any new error 404 pages were being updated. The number of error pages being detected gradually reduced in line with the redirects being applied. Site speed improvements were addressed where possible by updating images to reduce their file sizes.

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brief Launch

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Customer Care

Dyson Doctor is now almost ready for a switch over to a full ecommerce store when they are ready. The site was a pleasure to build and they see a lot of scope to grow the website into other appliances too.