brief The Brief

Romiley Board Mill has a long and proud history as one of the town’s main employers. We were tasked to create a fresh visual identity which reflects the company’s innovation and a sense of permanence. This meant relaunching the brand online, via creating a new website and the maintenance of social media platforms.

We considered all of the elements and created brand guidelines which covered:

  • Introduction: purpose, history, and values;
  • Structure: site architecture and naming conventions;
  • Visual Consistency: colour, typography, icons and theme;
  • Page Setup: all page assets prepared for scalability;
  • Visuals: product photography, additional graphics, merchandising;
  • Launch: Press Release and marketing campaign.

Formulating the strategy for success included a degree of research, analysis and passion. This was instrumental to the success of the website when launched, as well as the concept, creation and development. All of which was handled with great attention to detail and executed with meticulous organisation.

Logo Concept

Web Design Concepts

We wanted to try out a variety of design concepts and styles to give the client a wide range of choice for their online presence. There was a clear brief, but also freedom within the brief to explore on certain concepts.

After the design team had tried out some ideas and concepts we managed to provide the design the client loved in a timely manner.

Product Concepts

Romiley Board Mill are a huge organisation with a variety of niche products. We felt it was important to carry out a full factory tour of the premises and get an idea of the business closely. This enabled us to grasp the more of the specific elements of the products and create the artwork for the website, showing their potential clients a plethora of information and artwork on their fantastic product range.

brief E-Commerce

Product Integration

Delivery Rules/Classes

Having multi-faceted delivery classes can often be challenging for developers to deliver rigid functionality without creating an intricate system for the finished product. Writing over 250 lines of bespoke code made the site functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing without compromise.

The bespoke code written to link up the delivery mechanism was written in-house by the Net Sixty Six web team and ensures the website is able to deal with all delivery permutations with a variety of filters and exceptions applied seamlessly.

Bespoke Development

Many clients have specific needs that aren’t out of the box and we have the exact skills needed to meet these needs. As well as the technical know-how and the knowledge on paper, we have an experienced, market leading team who were able to create bespoke solutions. This ensures we were able to provide accurate and easy to navigate information for Romiley Board’s client base.

Bespoke Delivery Rules

As with most businesses – an out of the box delivery set up is not always feasible as not every out of the box solution is set up for multi-faceted delivery rules, this has never and will never be an issue for NetSixtySix as we are able to amend code to meet your needs no matter how intricate.

Bespoke Search Facility

As with many websites offering a number of products and services, clients will wish to look around the website and search for specific things, having a rigid search facility helps clients find what they are looking for.

Romiley Board has a range of niche products that we wanted to make easily accessible for their client base as well as new customers. The bespoke programming that went into making the facility work for all parties.

brief SEO

The SEO campaign began with an in-depth technical analysis of the website (or an audit it as it is commonly known). The aim of this audit is to highlight and fix any technical issues from the very beginning which potentially may cause issues with the SEO campaign in the future.

For e-commerce websites like Romiley Board Mill, the most common issues are to do with duplicate content. Google has algorithms to penalise websites that have a vast amount of duplicate content. With the implementation of the audit fixes, we were able to highlight potential duplicate content and resolve it right at the start of the campaign.

In-depth keyword research and analysis was then carried out to highlight highly searched and high converting keywords for the business. The keywords which we had researched were then implemented onto the following elements on the website:

  • Title Tags (or Page Titles as they are more commonly known);
  • Headers (h1 to h6 tags);
  • ALT Tags; and,
  • (Most Importantly) Content.

Ongoing content creation, link building, and social media management will be implemented into the campaign as we progress.

brief Launch

Customer Care

Using so many bespoke forms as their product guide, every time there is an enquiry it is very transparent where the request has come from and it is easy to take an order from there. NetSixtySix have offered a great solution to a pretty open product plan and it is also future proof too.