brief The Brief

With an existing offline business, we were tasked to create a Visual Identity and launch the brand online, via creating a website and Social Media Platforms.

We considered all elements and created brand guidelines which covered:

  • Introduction: purpose, history, and values;
  • Structure: concepted hierarchy and naming conventions;
  • Visual Consistency: colours, typefaces, icons and theme;
  • Page Setup: all page assets prepared for scalability;
  • Visuals: product photography and merchandising;
  • Launch: Press Releases, marketing campaigns.

Formulating the strategy for success included research, analysis and passion for the success of the website when launched as well as the concept, creation and development. All of which was handled with particular care, attention to detail and executed with meticulous organisation.

brief Concept Design

Logo Concept

The logo concepts we put together took into account the versatility needed for the various mediums of the brand’s placement. We were tasked to create something that would be versatile without compromise in the aesthetics. Our creative team experimented with an array of styles and concepts.

With fantastic customer feedback, we were able to evolve the initial concepts to the logo that we have decided was head and shoulders above the rest.

Web Design Concept

Bespoke Social Media Icons: in keeping with the charcoal theme, hand-drawn elements are prominent within the Brand’s theme. So we created social media icons designed to be part of the theme.

Themed Product Icons
Having representative icons for the key categories was an important part of the vision for the brand, and was vital to the branding and theme of the website.

Search Facility
Making the quality products accessible was an integral part of the brief. We have implemented a search algorithm capable of returning items based on a variety of tags and search formats.

Interactive Slider
With the ability to showcase offers, a high impact slider, with the ability to link to internal and landing pages was implemented to maximise conversion rates.

Social Media Feeds
Interaction with customers and customer satisfaction is paramount to Sweet & Glory. With the opportunity to engage directly on social media available, we have integrated this to the website to improve client contact.

Brand Concepts

Various Label variants

An assortment of different labels and how they would look with different logos

Examples of the label attached to the finished product.

brief E-Commerce

Research & Development

NetSixtySix adopt a long term policy with E-Commerce Website – meaning we consider the launch AND the use of the website day to day. Due to complexities in delivery rules and product types the challenge was to provide a solution that was rigid, scaleable and easy to use on a bay to day basis without any Development knowledge.

With training and documentation on how to use and maximise the ROI from the website. We have also created an easy upload System with a set process, so adding, modifying and changing products on an ongoing basis is seamless.
Aswell as creating the website with independant functionality & seamless order management processes we have also linked the website to Inventory & Delivery Management Systems.

Bespoke Development

Delivery Rules/Classes

Having multi-faceted delivery classes can often be challenging for developers to deliver rigid functionality without creating an intricate system for the finished product. Writing over 2500 lines of bespoke code made the site functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing without compromise.The bespoke code written to link up the delivery mechanism was written in house by the NetSixtySix web team and ensures the website is able to deal with all delivery permutations with a variety of filters and exceptions applied seamlessly.

Bespoke Search Facility

brief Photography

As the products needed to be photographed with a high quality, experienced photographer in the NetSixtySix Creative Design Studio. Using a High quality, professional Camera & Inhouse Lighting.

As the products needed to be photographed with a high quality, experienced photographer in the NetSixtySix Creative Design Studio. Using a High quality, professional Camera & Inhouse Lighting.

brief SEO

The SEO campaign began with an in-depth technical analysis of the website or an audit it as it is commonly known. The aim of this audit is to highlight and fix any technical issues from the very beginning which potentially may cause issues with the SEO campaign in the future.

For e-commerce websites like Sweet and Glory, the most common issues are to do with duplicate content which Google has algorithms to penalise websites that have a vast amount of duplicate content. With the implementation of the audit fixes, we were able to highlight potential duplicate content and resolve it right at the start of the campaign.

In-depth keyword research and analysis was then carried out to highlight highly searched and high converting keywords for the business. The keywords which we had researched were then implemented onto the following elements on the website;

• Title Tags (or Page Titles as they are more commonly known)
• Headers (H1, H2 and H3 Tags)
• Alt Tags
• And most importantly the content.

Ongoing content creation, link building and social media management will be implemented into the campaign as we progress.

brief Launch

Customer Care

As well as Launching the brand, attracting new clients and sales we analysed the need for customer retention within the business and have implemented a number of facilities to maximise the customer experience. With a number of elements such as Bespoke & Editable Coupon & Discount codes we have set up newsletters and data acquisition facilities throughout the website. This ensures the website is able to maintain the commitment to customer satisfaction that the team at Sweet and Glory have.