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The Correlation Between Organic & Direct Traffic

When Two Become One: What You Need To Know About Direct Traffic And OrganicWhen it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (or Search...

Read more Mar 19 2018

Google celebrates its 19th birthday!

Happy 19th!  Google Celebrates Yet Another Landmark BirthdayRead more Sep 28 2017

Google Say… Use Voice Search

Why Google wants you to use voice search instead of your fingers for their search app

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Read more Aug 17 2017

A Warning About WannaCry Ransomware

Why updating your PC is more important than ever due to WannaCry

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Read more Jul 19 2017

Spotlight on Romiley Board Mill

In the first of a series of posts related to our clients, we look at our most prestigious one to date

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Read more Jun 16 2017

Manchester: We All Stand Together

Net Sixty Six SEO stands together with the people of Manchester

Last night, you will have heard about the horrific events a...

Read more May 23 2017

How Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business

Why online reviews have shifted the balance of consumer power

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Read more May 15 2017

Google Hits Out At Fake News

Fact Check feature introduced to counter spread of fake news stories

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Read more Apr 07 2017

Are You Oversharing Your Office 365 Documents?

Reports of Office 365 documents being seen on Bing and Google results

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Read more Mar 29 2017
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