Number 1 for SEO Manchester

Search Engine Optimisation is a popular way of getting your website to the top of listings on search engines such as Google. It is usually achieved by using key words in the content of the website and using links. It is a complicated process and most companies pay a specialist to do this. The problem is, when you are buying a service, you usually know what you are looking for. With SEO, all you know is the result that you want. This is why it is best to go with a quality SEO and website company.

Net66 is a company that are not just experts in SEO, they also design customised websites. Using a company that specialises in both means that you don’t need to change your website for SEO purposes. You can build it with SEO in mind. A website should reflect your business and they understand that each business is different. Each website is unique and from day one the customer is involved in the process alongside Net66′s designers, developers, copywriters and SEO consultants. It is this client centred approach that puts them at the top when it comes to web design Manchester.

At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding and out of the millions of results from the search: ‘SEO company Manchester‘, Net66 are on the front page beating hundreds of other companies to the top page. SEO can be complicated which is why they only employ the best in the field. The company evolves as fast as search engine technology does and is the best company to go to for SEO and web design in Manchester.