5 SEO Tips for your blog

1) Don’t use overly cleaver, or deliberately confusing headlines. They rarely work and can irritate people. Remember, this will be the first thing that people see when they click on to the post, and may even deter people from opening the post at all. Keep it simple yet informative.

2) Remember to share your blog posts on your social media profiles. Our partners over at The Social Media People recommend sharing your post 2-3 times. Remember, you don’t want to appear to be spamming the site, but you want to get people to click the post.

3) Once you have a reader on your site, you want to keep them there! A great way to do this is to link to older posts on related topics. Make sure that you make the anchor text click worthy!

4) Remember to add a page title and meta description. If you are operating in WordPress you can simply download a plugin like ‘All in One SEO’ which will add a little box at the bottom of the page to add these details in. Remember to use your keywords in both of these!

5) Speaking of keywords, if you are looking to target a specific term for each blog post then remember to use that term in the blog post itself. You don’t want to add it too many times, about 4 or 5 usages of the exact terms should suffice on an article of 300 – 500 words.
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