Google Goodies and Useless Information

Some Google goodies you may have overlooked

Google goodies image
Google Earth in full planet mode: one of the many goodies available.

Google’s goodies are nothing short of legendary. Many of us use the search engine to a point where Google is also a verb as well as a noun. There is more to the search engine than its image search, Street View, Android operating system, and self driving car experiments. There’s a wealth of other things you can do or learn about. We at Net Sixty Six have taken a look. Continue reading “Google Goodies and Useless Information”

Google Easter Eggs and Jokes: Google’s Funny Side

Living proof that search engines can have fun

Google's take on Atari Breakout, one of the search engine's best known Easter eggs.
One of Google’s best known Easter eggs: their take on Atari’s Breakout. Seen here is a game in session.

Over at Net66, some egg-citing news about Cadbury’s Creme Egg café in London has inspired our latest entry.  Many of you may be familiar with easter eggs in DVD or Blu Ray titles as well as the chocolate variety.  In the search engine world, Google’s easter eggs and jokes are just as familiar as the Smarties or Buttons eggs you remember. Continue reading “Google Easter Eggs and Jokes: Google’s Funny Side”