10 Great Google April Fools’ Day Gags

Net66’s look at ten of Google’s greatest April Fools’ Day announcements

Google. Much ado about Google. Google me the latest bus times. Choose Google Maps, choose a flashy Android smartphone, get me that Google Gulp from the fridge. Yes, we lied about the last one, Google Gulp was an April Fools’ Day gag from 2005 (more on that story later). Google has an extraordinary hold on our online lives and is proxy to many a business plan for SEO-related enterprises. Continue reading “10 Great Google April Fools’ Day Gags”

Google Easter Eggs and Jokes: Google’s Funny Side

Living proof that search engines can have fun

Google's take on Atari Breakout, one of the search engine's best known Easter eggs.
One of Google’s best known Easter eggs: their take on Atari’s Breakout. Seen here is a game in session.

Over at Net66, some egg-citing news about Cadbury’s Creme Egg café in London has inspired our latest entry.  Many of you may be familiar with easter eggs in DVD or Blu Ray titles as well as the chocolate variety.  In the search engine world, Google’s easter eggs and jokes are just as familiar as the Smarties or Buttons eggs you remember. Continue reading “Google Easter Eggs and Jokes: Google’s Funny Side”