The Social Media People Complaints

Social media networks are a huge part of people’s everyday lives these days. 85% are on Facebook and nearly 50% are on Twitter. There are now two relatively new networks called Linked In and Google+ as well. Internet advertising companies such as The Social Media People have been quick to spot the marketing potential. The main advantage of advertising on social media networks is that you are able to target specific demographics including age, gender, location, occupations and hobbies. With Facebook, we can also target potential customers based on what they include in their status updates. An excellent example is for a crèche, who might want to look for ‘good baby sitter’ or ‘ find child care’ as key phrases. If an individual is struggling to find quality and affordable child care and has complained about it in their status, chances are an advert for a local child minder or playgroup will appear on their page shortly. Anyone that has seen the adverts on their Facebook page and thought how spooky it is that it relates to something happening in their lives, it’s all by design.

The Social Media People is a company that specialises in internet advertising, specifically social media advertising. We worked with Facebook and Twitter initially, these being the most established. Wh then moved on to Linked In and Google+. Linked In is a social network based around people’s work that they use to meet people in their industry and approach potential employers. Google+ has been dubbed the ‘new Facebook.’ It has a lot of the same features as Facebook and Twitter but a few new features that the more technically minded might enjoy such as web chats with groups of people. The Social Media People are experts in all of these networks and believes that they all have their place within a marketing campaign.

We work with a wide variety of customers within a range of industries. We work hard to keep up with an industry that moves fast enough to change from week to week. With packages starting from on £99 a month, we believe we give good value for money as well as excellent service. It genuinely matters to us what our customers think about us. Let’s just say you won’t see many The Social Media People complaints. We hope to continue to develop within social media advertising and look forward to the advances that come with working in such a fast moving field. If you have any online advertising needs, consider The Social Media People as your first port of call.