Apply These 5 Secret Techniques to Improve the Net66 Blog

Net66 looks at blog title generators

Ground coffee, an iMac, and a flash of inspiration: essential tools for many a blogger. Blog image by


Here are the five secrets of our blog:

  1. High-quality content;
  2. Striking imagery;
  3. Current and relevant blog posts;
  4. Effective use of social networking sites;
  5. Eye-catching titles.

O.K., forget the above list, we know there‚Äôs nothing better than blowing our own trumpet every now and again. The whole point of our blog post title is the way it was constructed. Whereas all our blog titles are beautifully crafted, this one was created with a blog title generator. Yes, we at Net66 cheated a little by using a title generator. Oh, the shame. Continue reading “Apply These 5 Secret Techniques to Improve the Net66 Blog”