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Our Web Development team is based in Manchester which is fast becoming the digital capital of the UK. The BBC have recently moved up to Manchester, along with Media City and the thriving digital companies of the Salford Quays, you can see why we have retained our headquarters in the Heart of the Manchester city centre.

Our expert team of Manchester Web Developers have extensive know in everything from PHP to JavaScript, CSS3 to HTML5 and everything in between.

The only thing they love more than learning new code is developing, so if you’re passionate about quality you’re in the right place with us.
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If you have a website in several countries, you’re probably not going to be having just a static .html site and if you are, then I admire your optimism. As well as having your site in different languages, it’s important to ensure that your site is scalable and can grow and develop with your business. This is where CMS has the edge over .html sites. Adding pages is easy and with categories being simple to create, any content you add can falls into the right category straight away.

And as your business grows and you develop new products and new services, these products and services can be added as categories from which you can hand all of your new content. You can also group and inter-link batches of content together through the use of tags. So if you have two pages of content, one under category A and the other in category B, you can “Tag” these two pages from different categories with the same keyword. They will then display under example.com/tab/related-keyword.

Perfect for a business that’s going to take over internationally.


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