Net66: Greggs Mishap Shows Why It’s Important to Verify Your Google Places Page

Today, Greggs the bakers had a bit of a mishap on Google. A website called uncyclopedia was hosting a rather derogatory spoof of the Greggs logo that simultaneously insulted Greggs the company, and the quality of the goods it provides.

If you with to view the unsavoury image (NSFW) click here.

If you’ve looked at the image then you know what a nightmare this could be. Take a look at how Greggs responded though:

A great reply. Although this seems to be a Knowledge Graph error for Greggs, it’s highlighted a vulnerability in the Knowledge Graph.

Google sources it’s images and content for the knowledge graph cards from various different encyclopedia websites. But for local businesses that aren’t on these larger sites, Google will use your Google+ page. And if you haven’t verified your Google+ page, then other people can upload logos to your page unofficially.

Which is why it’s never been more important to verify your Google Places page.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey