Net66: Google Authorship is Dead, Long Live Author Rank

Last week Google announced that they would be pulling all support for Google Authorship in the Search Results. This means that when you link your Google+ profile to your blog posts, your profile picture and author information will no longer be displayed.

You can see form one of my old posts that my data was displayed for blog posts I had penned. For example this one:

What happens if a penalised site links to me?

You can clearly see my profile picture and author data next to it. Now if you run that same search, my data no longer appears:


Although support for Authorship in search results has been dropped, that’s not to say authorship is over as an entity in itself. There exists what people call “Author Rank”. This isn’t a term Google has released, but instead is a theory held in high regard in the SEO community.

The theory states that if you have authorship in your blog, your posts can receive a ranking boost if you’re deemed an “authority” on the subject your’re posting about. So if yourself and a different blogger both link your Google+ pages to separate blog posts, and you’re deemed more of an authority (more posts, more traffic to your posts, more links to your posts) your blog post could rank higher than the other post based on author rank.

So this is why you shouldn’t be in a rush to stop adding authorship to blog posts.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey