About Net66

Net66 are a Manchester based website design and development agency. We specialise in producing exceptional websites by fully utilising our extensive development and design capabilities. We are able to take an initial design and develop the concept into a stunning website that full meets your requirements.

Additionally, because we work with our clients from day one, your finished website is truly customised to your needs and accurately represents your business. We fully understand that every client has a unique specification. That’s why our approach is tailored and adapted for every customer. This means that you get a unique and individual service which enables us to develop and create engaging ideas that deliver the maximum benefit, impact and exposure for your website and brand.

Unlike a lot of other agencies, we view all stages of a websites life cycle as being intertwined; there is no point in designing a stunning website if no-one ever sees it. Similarly, there is no point in producing a website that is well optimised, but lacks either good design or great content.

Therefore, our design process is somewhat unique. Our team of experienced designers, developers, copywriters and search engine optimisers work closely together to deliver a spectacular final product. Firstly, our designers will closely examine and explore your current brand identity before creating a mock-up of your new website. After approval, this will be passed to the developers who will code the website, all the while consulting the initial designer to ensure that the initial design is not lost. After this, your website will be passed to our copywriters who will compose attractive, well written copy for your website. Finally, your creation will be handed to our SEO team who will utilise their skills to lay the ground work to direct quality traffic to your site.

Our aim is to get you noticed. We want to make your new website an integral part of your business development by making your website the most profitable and successful aspect of your company.To date, we have page listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We can help your online business grow exponentially, yet at a rate that is manageable.

With our experience in the web design & development industry, and a dynamic team of enthusiastic designers and developers we can create bespoke and individual solutions for your business.

Whatever your requirements are, be it a traditional, contemporary, or unique and inventive, Net66 can go over and above your expectations and provide a site to suit your exact business needs.

Alternatively you may prefer to sit back and let our team do what they do best, let the creative juices flow and come up with our own web design and development proposal for you.

So you can sit-back and relax, everything your website needs is included in our affordable packages, and from the start of the project to its conclusion Net66 will do everything for you, whilst simultaneously keeping you up to date through regular consultations and live viewings of all progress and development of your website.

Additionally, all of our website packages come with free web hosting and free domain registration (subject to availability) everything that is needed to make your website live is included in our service.

Call Net66 today, we can transform your vision into a reality.

New businesses need SEO

All new businesses need SEO in order to increase their potential new client base and increase their marketing, especially if they are starting small.  Small businesses can find it difficult to attract people to their site to view their products and services.  This is why it is important to get SEO traffic from search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.  SEO helps a site bring in traffic from specific keyword terms and phrases that are related to their products.  This also means a business has a greater chance of converting this traffic into sales.  In order to do this, website design is equally important.  Once SEO takes the potential customer to the site, the site then has to speak for itself.

Companies that do website design and SEO together are often a good idea for a new business.  Net66, based in Manchester, provides both website design and SEO services, and advise adding content, building links and then start incorporating social media.  For social media advertising it is also good to use experts such as The Social Media People.

High rankings on search engines do not happen overnight.  They take time and work so if anyone ever calls you up guaranteeing they can do it within the week, hang up!  It is worth the effort though because getting to the first page of a search engine gives a new business the exposure it needs and craves.  SEO is an absolute necessity in order for any new business, because there’s no point in having a web presence if no one is going to get to see it.

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SEO Trends 2012

2011 was a busy year for changes in SEO and from what we have seen, 2012 promises to be just as interesting.  Here at Net66, as one of the leading companies for SEO in Manchester, we like to predict what might lie ahead, especially with regards to SEO trends 2012.

There are signs of much more variety in search engines, with Yahoo losing momentum and Google already losing approximately 5% of it’s market share to the new look search engine by MSN; Bing.  Bing provides many of the same functions as Google but with some new features.  One of the major draws is Bing’s cashback program.  In this economy, any opportunity to save money is bound to be a winner and Bing have recognised that and made it work for them.  If you search for a product, it gives you a list of the usual results, but also shows which shops they have cashback deals with. With some going up to 35% with major retailers, this could be a huge attraction for bargain savvy web users.  Some of their features are more whimsical to appeal to a fickle population.  They have new visual searches where you can simply click on a photo to search it as well as a brand new map format.  The Bing maps service used to be much the same as Google’s, but they have now introduced maps with photos, not just with street view, but collections of photos stitched together to make an impressive panoramic.

Google are striking back though, by developing their mobile applications for smart phones.  85% of people own a mobile phone and Google are taking into account the rising number of Androids being purchased.  They are also straying into Social SEO with their new project, Google+.

Google+, having established itself within months of its introduction, will continue to play an increasing part in Social SEO.  Having combined some of Facebook’s and Twitter’s best features, and incorporating some new ones of its own, the more technologically minded are veering towards Google+ and away from the others.  With its newly introduced ‘brand’ pages, many Manchester SEO professionals, ourselves included, believe it will continue to grow as long as users can justify the effort in order to gain traffic value from their pages.

Each search engine is different, even if only slightly, making SEO unique to each one.  With each search engine striving to do better than the others, they will change and develop in order to compete.  With the veering away from keywords and towards traffic and conversation becoming apparent, new Search Engine formats will shape the future of SEO in 2012.  SEO will have to adapt in order to achieve the same results and optimise the amount of traffic ‘passing through’ sites.  Here at Net66, we are looking forward to new developments and the challenge of keeping up.

Does your Website Design Reflect Your Business?

Business websites have nearly completely taken over from newspapers and telephone directories for providing information about products and services in the last decade. A lot of companies are moving their advertising budget away from printed adverts and directories, and into improving their online presence, mainly their websites. A business’s website is now often peoples first point of contact with them, and it needs give them a good impression.

It’s good to have a look at your website on a regular basis, to check you feel it reflects your business. You need to project that you take your company seriously, and that means a good quality website. A specialist website design company is often the solution to making a website as professional and relevant as possible. Net66 aren’t just one of the best companies for website design Manchester wide, they are also the most established company for SEO in Manchester. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of getting your website to the top of search engines, and it goes hand in hand with website design to make an effective internet marketing campaign.

Your website should reflect your company and industry. If you supply children’s entertainers, make your site fun and colourful. If you offer funeral services, something more sombre and dignified would be more suitable. Those are extreme examples but you get the picture. What do you want potential customers to think about your company? Cutting edge or classic? Fun or refined? Talk this through with whomever you chose to design your site to make a great first impression.

Optimising your Business Website

To optimise your business website, it needs to be Search Engine Optimised. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of ensuring that popular search engines such as Google can see your site clearly by including keywords that match relevant searches, getting your site linked to other high ranking sites and regularly updating your site. All of this contributes to getting your website a higher ranking on search engines.

Sounds complicated? It can be, which is why many companies choose to use a SEO company. Net66, one of the leading suppliers of SEO Manchester wide, recognise how busy business owners are which is why they ensure they take the hassle out of optimising a business website. Hiring a SEO company means not having to learn SEO yourself on top of everything else you have on your plate, or allocating a member of staff to do it and sending them on a series of training courses.

By hiring specialists you know you are getting state of the art SEO, and saving yourself time and training expenses. Optimising your website with SEO is technical, but doesn’t have to be difficult with the right company.