Save your searches with Bing Save

Bing is looking slowly gaining market share, and has established iteslf as the number two search engine in the United States. With the power of software behemoth Microsoft behind it, Bing invests a significant amount of resources into research and development. This has yielded the latest feature yet, called Bing Save.

This new functionality can be viewed as an amalgamation of search engine and social networking features. The feature allows users to save their favourite search results. A tiny “floppy disk”-like icon appears next to search results, which you can click to save the result to your records. The service is available as a public beta at ¬†You also get access to bookmarking tools where you can bookmark content that you found elsewhere on the Web.

Other useful features of Bing Saves are the Public Feed and Trending sections. The Feed is a real time view of items being saved at the moment, and Trending is an area where you can find the most popular saved articles.

The service could potentially be a great source to discover popular content, and can even be a direct traffic source as visitors click through to popular websites featured in the Bing Saves Trending section.