Google Ads Go Green – and Purple

Google Ads tabs change from yellow to green, whilst purple map advertising pins are introduced

Google Ads blog post image
Lost in the online supermarket? The new-look Google Ads tags will be easier to pick out than the previous colour. Image by Tzido Sun (via Shutterstock).

After a successful trial, Google Ads tabs are set to go green for good. Google Ads tabs have been part of the search engine’s results since 2013 when they were originally yellow (with “ad” in black text). In April of this year, Google experimented with green tabs and white text. Continue reading “Google Ads Go Green – and Purple”

In Pictures: Google Maps 3D Views

Notable landmarks seen within Google Maps’ 3D views

We at Net66 are fans of Google’s enhanced recent tools, especially the enhanced 3D views seen in principal towns and cities all over the world. Their introduction of Tilt mode enables you to view three dimensional views in a number of perspectives, and isometric views. For our latest post, we have 12 examples of 3D imagery of noted landmarks around the world.

From then on, we shall let the pictures do most of the talking.

Continue reading “In Pictures: Google Maps 3D Views”

Google Maps’ Latest Travel Tools

Update sees addition of driving mode and tilt views

It’s hardly difficult to imagine a time before Google Maps. A trip to the supermarket meant being able to know which busy times to avoid. A trip from Manchester to Blackpool meant The AA Book of the Road as well as The A-Z (unless you caught the X60 bus from Chorlton Street). Over the last month, Google has added some splendid features to its online mapping tool. Among the things you could do on Google Maps includes the following activities seen below. Continue reading “Google Maps’ Latest Travel Tools”