Secure Domains for All on WordPress Sites

WordPress blogs on custom hosting packages set to gain HTTPS domains

WordPress secure domain image.
Image via Shutterstock.

Automattic, owners of the WordPress blogging platform, have extended the use of secure domains to websites using their custom hosting packages. Since 2014, weblogs hosted on a subdomain of have had a secure domain.  Its extension brings them in line with hosted sites.  Fears of increased surveillance and security concerns have prompted the company’s decision. Continue reading “Secure Domains for All on WordPress Sites”

Chrome Blitz on Insecure Websites

Google’s Chrome browser set to ‘shame’ sites without secure domain

Vintage chrome Chopper bike.
Secure, as in this chrome Chopper being tied to a cyclist’s post.


Web browsers, when kept to speed with the latest updates are made more secure, immune from the latest insecurities. This year, Google is set to go a step further. Through its Chrome browser, it intends to ‘shame’ websites that are hosted on a HTTP domain. Continue reading “Chrome Blitz on Insecure Websites”