Secure Domains for All on WordPress Sites

WordPress blogs on custom hosting packages set to gain HTTPS domains

WordPress secure domain image.
Image via Shutterstock.

Automattic, owners of the WordPress blogging platform, have extended the use of secure domains to websites using their custom hosting packages. Since 2014, weblogs hosted on a subdomain of have had a secure domain.  Its extension brings them in line with hosted sites.  Fears of increased surveillance and security concerns have prompted the company’s decision.

Over the last five years, WordPress has outgrown its blog-based origins.  It has become a popular choice of content management system for standard issue websites (with or without weblogs).  It is now the world’s Number One CMS due to its expandability and ease of use.  As a consequence, sites built with the WordPress CMS have been targeted more than those built with (for example) Joomla, Drupal or Magento.

Better still, web administrators don’t need to lift a finger.  That is being taken care of by WordPress themselves (nice one!) which ensures peace of mind.  Barry Abrahamson, Automattic’s software engineer said:

“We are excited to announce free HTTPS for all custom domains hosted on WordPress.  This brings the security and performance of modern encryption to every blog and website we host.

“We are closing the door to unencrypted web traffic at every opportunity.”

With WordPress supporting the EFF’s Encrypt The Web initiative, its aim not only makes web sites safer.  It also allows for encryption against snoopers (as per the UK Government’s proposed Investigatory Powers Bill).  On the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s website, it aims to defend internet users:

  • Against the surveillance of their content and intellectual property;
  • From cookie theft;
  • From cookie and ad injection;
  • Against account hijacking;
  • Against some forms of internet censorship.

The EFF’s Encrypt The Web initiative has a number of high-profile sponsors including Facebook, Cisco, and the Mozilla Foundation.  WordPress’ decision is a key moment in the EFF’s plan, which has been in motion since 2009.

Net66, 12 April 2016.