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We Could Be Superheroes (…for One Day)

Superheroes set to descend on Manchester city centre on the 05 May

Lego superheroes image by Rizvisual (via Shutterstock).

Holy Greggs Pasty, Superman! One of these men in yellow coats gripped me for not having a ticket on the tram. Image by Rizvisual (via Shutterstock).

Imagine it’s a typical Friday morning in central Manchester. It is twenty past eight. You get off your train, tram or bus, or walk from the car park. You go to your favourite coffee shop for a pre-work caffeine hit. Then you freak out and find Captain America’s doing a sudoku in Costa Coffee. Superman’s stuck in the queue at Greggs. Spiderman we find was gripped at Abraham Moss for not having a tram ticket. Then you realise (thanks to the strains of Gemma, Matt, and Mike) it was Superhero Day. Yes, Princess Street being full of superheroes.

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Search Engines Usurp the Yellow Pages

Latest figures see customers turning to search engines instead of the Yellow Pages or the White Pages

Search Engines 1, Yellow Pages 0.

Search Engines 1, Yellow Pages 0: with Google and Co. being the first port of call for many households, the need for sound local SEO techniques is needed more than ever. Image by Katie, 2010 (Creative Commons License: Some Rights Reserved).

Wish to call someone over a blocked drain or a broken window? Or a legendary fishing tome you have had trouble finding? Well, today’s customers are more likely to turn to Google. Yes, the glory days of flicking through the Yellow Pages could be going the same way as Betamax video recorders or Britain’s membership of the EU. Today, it is easier to turn to the search engines. And there’s every chance that Fly Flying by J.R. Hartley will be selling for a pittance on Amazon.

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Coming Soon: Chrome’s Ad Blocker

Could Google’s ad blocker add more Chrome users?

Ad Blocker image by WeStudio (via Shutterstock).

A boost for Chrome usage? Given how much Google makes from online advertising, some commentators think the addition of an ad blocker is rather amiss. In fact, the only adverts it will block are those which the Coalition for Better Ads have classed as “unacceptable”. Image by WeStudio (via Shutterstock).

A bold move or a lack of joined up thinking? This week, Google’s plans to add an ad blocker to its Chrome browser, has been met with a mixed response. Some commentators think it would eat into their paid advertising revenue. Others think it is all about Google trying to boost Chrome’s market share.

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Google Hits Out At Fake News

Fact Check feature introduced to counter spread of fake news stories

Google Fake News Image

Apart from the fact there may be no World War Two Bomber On The Moon type of stories on Google, the search engine’s clampdown on fake news could see improvements to its news section, with stories backed up by linked sources.

Hands up who used to have a paper round? All these mornings or evenings carrying The Daily Telex or The Daily Moon to the top of the world? Sometimes, disgruntled of 56 Rochdale Road would give you an ear bashing over her missing copy of Yesterday. Ah, those were the days where yesterday’s fake news would become chip paper. On the internet, things are different: tomorrow’s chip paper is still on the internet. Five years on. Or longer.

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Are You Oversharing Your Office 365 Documents?

Reports of Office 365 documents being seen on Bing and Google results

Office 365 password security image by ValterZ (via Shutterstock).

Beware of identity theft: oversharing on Office 365 could divulge sensitive information on search engines like Google and Bing. Image by ValterZ (via Shutterstock).

Sometimes on social media sites, we might share a few items that other would regard as embarrassing. For example, the debauchery of a Saturday night out. Or our political and spiritual beliefs. Or saying that Mr Blobby’s eponymous Number One single was several times better than The Specials’ Ghost Town. Imagine if something personal was seen on Bing or Google? It has been revealed that some Office 365 users had shared their private documents publicly. Read more »

New Location Sharing Features for Google Maps

A good way of keeping in touch or a tool for stalkers? Could location sharing be a useful feature for Google Maps?

Net Sixty Six Location Sharing Google Map

Some time this year, Google Maps will come with a new feature. One that can be handy and creepy in equal measure depending upon how you use it. Being rolled out is Google Maps’ new location sharing features.

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The 2017 Google Doodle for St. Patrick’s Day

Net Sixty Six SEO looks at the Google Doodle for St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Skellig Michael, the inspiration behind this year's St. Patrick's Day Google doodle. Image by Andreas Juergensmeier (via Shutterstock).

Skellig Michael: the Irish island that inspired this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Google Doodle. Image by Andreas Juergensmeier (via Shutterstock).

Yes, it is that time of the year: St. Patrick’s Day. A time of the year associated with wearing green clothes, drinking Guinness, and healthy doses of Irish folk music. In truth, it commemorates the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The story of St. Patrick remains a source of legend. Read more »

A Look at the Manchester Irish Festival

Net Sixty Six SEO’s look at this year’s Irish Festival in central Manchester and surrounding area

Manchester Irish Festival 2017, market stalls, Albert Square (towards Net Sixty Six SEO HQ).

Manchester Irish Festival 2017: market stalls on Albert Square, facing Brazenose Street.

In Manchester city centre, the first three weeks of March are dominated by the city’s Irish Festival. From the 03 – 19 March, countless events take place in and around central Manchester. The high point of which is the parade in the centre of ‘town’ which takes place on the 12 March (Sunday) at noon.

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Ash Wednesday: The Things We Do For Lent

Our team at Net Sixty Six HQ have chosen at least one geek-related item they would like to give up for Lent

Lent image by SDecoret (via Shutterstock).

The person in this image has taken part in our Forty Days Without Gadgets campaign. She is pining for her iPad. Image by SDecoret (via Shutterstock).

40 days. Could you imagine forty days without the internet? Forty days without Greggs (yes, there are one or two of them near Net Sixty Six Towers)? Well, if we gave up any of the two for Lent, none of us at Net Sixty Six HQ could do our job properly. The internet is part of our Yin and Yang alongside the bacon butty which sets us up for most of the day. It is our life force.

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Metrolink’s Second City Crossing Arrives

Net Sixty Six welcomes its new neighbours on the Second City Crossing

Metrolink Second City Crossing image by M.V. Photography (via Shutterstock).

Happy New Trams: the Second City Crossing will boost journey options and reduce congestion on the city zone routes. Image by M.V. Photography (via Shutterstock).

Today, Metrolink’s Second City Crossing begins operation and we at Net Sixty Six are happy to welcome our new neighbours. For us and our visitors, the second line from Victoria to St. Peter’s Square will offer another way of getting to Net Sixty Six HQ.

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