Why Keyword Research Is Important

Conducting in-depth keyword research is one of the most critical steps in any SEO campaign and throughout the online Marketing world. That’s why, ideally, it is best left to the experts such as the team at SEO Manchester. Keyword research allows for easy identification of optimisation opportunities for gaining the right traffic to your website.

Keyword researchIn other words, it involves the work done to spot out different factors like SERP (search engine result page), clickthrough and conversion rates over time while focusing on your target audience’s needs and your business’ goals.

In this article, we have identified the reasons why keyword research is so important for your SEO.

  • Getting keywords with the highest search volume

Keyword research enables you to determine estimates for how many times the particular keyword was searched for in a month. The measurements are usually done by AMV (Average Monthly Volume). By doing so, you can find the best keywords to use for your website’s niche.

The more people who use that particular search term, the more your website is likely to be seen and ranked by the search engines. As a result, the number of visitors to your site will increase which could potentially lead to an increase in sales or turnover rates.

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  • Assess competition level

When researching keywords, it is possible to quickly assess the levels of competition for a niche. Typically, every keyword’s competition level depends on the total number of advertisers bidding on the keywords. Therefore, you can determine how many other websites are targeting the search terms. The ultimate aim is to find keywords with either medium or low competition levels, and SEO Manchester can help you with that.

  • Evaluating the difficulty to rank

Looking at the number of websites using a particular keyword provides some insights on the level of competition. However, it doesn’t provide the details of the competition. Sometimes there is no need to target some words if there is no hope for such keywords helping rank your website higher (Keyword difficulty). So, keyword researching may help you spot and avoid search terms used by high-quality domains and go for the less competitive ones.

  • Get keywords with high conversion rates

Keyword research enables you to get better search words that may result in increased traffic and conversion rates. In this case, a less broad keyword can be a sign of keyword difficulty and can be hard to rank. Therefore, this step enables you to find more specific keywords, mostly known as long-tail keywords, as they have higher conversion rates.

  • Obtain ideas for your content structure

Through keyword research, you can get inspiring ideas suitable for creating rich and excellent content. While researching terms that may help optimise your landing pages, you can use great keywords to create unique yet strategic content.

Keyword research is more than just finding search terms your target audience use in search engines. It is essential in finding top quality keywords that will impact your website positively. If you are looking for the best SEO services in Manchester, Net Sixty Six Ltd is all you need. We offer a wide range of marketing services such as SEO, Web design and development. Besides, its team of experts guarantees you the best results for your site and is well reputable in this sector.