Google Say… Use Voice Search

Why Google wants you to use voice search instead of your fingers for their search app

Who remembers Trigger Happy TV on Channel Four? A long running joke of Dom Joly’s television comedy series features a giant mobile phone. Shaped like a 1980s cellular phone, we saw the comedian shouting into his handset. He would spout out random bits of nonsense or state the obvious from the top of his voice. If Channel Four were to commission a new series, he could be doing the same with Google’s Voice Search facility.

Google says voice search offers a quicker way of finding your desired subject area. This, according to a Stanford University paper on the subject. It is claimed that typing ‘buses to Net Sixty Six HQ’ would take more time than saying, “OK Google: which bus can I get to Net Sixty Six’s offices?” In no time, Google would say that the V1 and V2 stop outside our office on John Dalton Street. Plus you could ask Google to suggest a decent pizza place. Using Net Sixty Six HQ for example, it would recommend Papa John’s on St. Peter’s Square as one of several options.

Though you may have used voice search in some description, forthcoming updates will add artificial intelligence features. The latest GBoard update will add 119 languages. Therefore, it will tell you when the next train is due from Entwistle in several languages. For example, in Swahili or Latvian. This will also work across other Google apps, like Google Translate and Google Plus.

In addition to adding African languages for the first time ever, Google’s upgraded voice search features will support emojis. If you wish to add an emoji to your message, all you need to say is “smiley face emoji”. Or “angry face emoji” if the 1428 service to Bolton is cancelled. Especially as Entwistle station is a request stop with a train every two hours.

Net Sixty Six SEO, 17 August 2017.