Google celebrates its 19th birthday!

Happy 19th!  Google Celebrates Yet Another Landmark Birthday

It has often been said that the concept of time takes on an entirely different meaning when referring to the digital domain. However, this has never been the case in regards to Google. This SEO supergiant has become the mainstay for billions of users and millions of websites from around the world. It is therefore quite amazing to realise that Google is now celebrating 19 years on the Internet. As its developers have done in the past, their homepage features a number of fun and interactive games. There are 19 games in total; one to recognise each year that the portal has been in existence. Let’s take a closer look at what users can expect to enjoy.

The King of the Domain

Some of us can still recall the halcyon days of the early Internet. In fact, Google has been a mainstay of this digital domain and in some ways, the fact that their branding has not changed over time provides us with a sense of security within a constantly fluctuating landscape. We have to wonder how many industry professionals back in 1998 could have possibly imagined the success that this portal would enjoy. Google now represents the benchmark in terms of the latest SEO recommendations and the true power of online search rankings. While there is no doubt that other providers such as Yahoo! and Bing are still present, the fact of the matter is that they can hardly hold a virtual candle to the ubiquitous nature of Google.

Spin the Wheel and Take Your Chances

Perhaps as a way to show their success over the years, Google has added a digital spinner into their homepage. As the wheel appears very much the same as the apparatus employed on the game show Wheel of Fortune, learning to play is simple. Users can click the play button on this spinner and enjoy a random game from the past. Some of these options include:

  • A quiz about Earth Day.
  • A game of virtual cricket.
  • The classic game Pac-Man.
  • A Halloween game known as Magic Cat.
  • Snake.

There are no time limits in regards to how many times these games can be played and as every spin will produce new results, there is indeed something here for everyone.

More Than “Just” a Search Engine

It could be argued that Google has created this anniversary celebration to exhibit how flexible of a search engine it has become. Of course, a bit of extra publicity never hurts. Although this is a logical observation, we have to imagine that their developers also simply wanted to have a bit of fun. After all, spending days at a time coding and updating the latest SEO algorithms loses its lustre after a while.

So, feel free to spin the wheel and see what games are in store. Considering that Google has gone to such lengths for their 19th birthday, we can only wonder what the 20th will have in store!