Google celebrates its 19th birthday!

Happy 19th!  Google Celebrates Yet Another Landmark Birthday

It has often been said that the concept of time takes on an entirely different meaning when referring to the digital domain. However, this has never been the case in regards to Google. This SEO supergiant has become the mainstay for billions of users and millions of websites from around the world. It is therefore quite amazing to realise that Google is now celebrating 19 years on the Internet. Continue reading “Google celebrates its 19th birthday!”

Rumours of a Rival Search Engine

Is Wikipedia Discovery the next search engine set to steal a march on Google?

Possible Wikipedia Search Engine mock up.
The Shape of Things to Come? If the rumours are true, the Wikimedia Foundation could be taking on Google.


Holy citation needed or not, Batman… we at Net66 have learned of the Wikimedia Foundation’s latest announcement. Today, Jimmy Wales’ Wikimedia Foundation have declared their latest offensive on Google. This time, with the launch of a rival search engine. Continue reading “Rumours of a Rival Search Engine”