Now We Are Thirteen: On Friday the 13th!

Net Sixty Six at thirteen years old

Birthday Cake: Net Sixty Six at Thirteen. Image by VictoriaSky1 (via Shutterstock).
Tasty, though sadly not the birthday cake for celebrating our thirteen years in business (on Friday The 13th). This creation was photographed by VictoriaSky1 (via Shutterstock).

So to misquote our previous female Prime Minister, we have become a teenager. Yes, Net Sixty Six is thirteen years old. By rights, this means we should be sulking in our bedrooms if something goes wrong. This means we should be out chasing members of the opposite or same sex for a future significant other in later years. Or we should be fretting about our GCSEs or Key Stage 3 SATs.

Instead, being thirteen in internet terms is akin to being of pensionable age. Or maturity. The very point where we should be using the Damart catalogue instead of Topshop or Top Man. As a company, this means we have established ourselves as one of Manchester’s greatest exponents of white hat SEO techniques. Of ethical SEO and site promotion which takes a holistic approach, based around effective social media campaigns, edifying blog posts. In other words, a fresh approach that is 13 going on 13 instead of thirteen going on for sixty.

On of all days, Net Sixty Six is celebrating its 13th birthday on Friday the 13th (beat that one, Jason Voorhees). At this very moment in time, Friday the 13th hasn’t disappointed us in the usual sense. This time with the perfect storm of black ice and snow on the Pennine foothills affecting our daily commute. From a business point of view, we are settling in our home on John Dalton Street where we’ve been ‘right at the heart of things’ since the 01 August 2016.

As for clients, more people are turning to Net Sixty Six SEO for their social media campaigns or a brand new cutting edge website. They come to us for straightforward advice in plain English with the client’s interests at heart.

We have come a long way from the spare bedroom in Heywood. Back in 2004, Net Sixty Six was a son and father partnership: Tom and Neil McVey building websites and doing keyword research. Now in the centre of Manchester, our next journey aims to take us further than Bury or ‘town’ on the 163 via Darn Hill.

Where Net Sixty Six have succeeded is by moving with the times, whilst retaining its old school ethics and excellent customer services. Here’s to the next thirteen years, where you could be viewing our website through virtual reality mode. This link shall take you to how our website looked thirteen years ago.

Net Sixty Six SEO, 13 January 2017.