Consistency in Links is Critical!

Finding somewhere to put a link back to your website, whether its a business, blog or hobby website is simple. You may get ‘giddy’ and spend a day building, 5, 10 or 20 links pointing back to your websites. Which is great! and it may help, But is it enough?

Maybe it’s not enough and thats why people will go to websites who are offering 5000 links in 2 days posted back to your website, probably on of the most dangerous things you can do to your business!

Sure you may spike up the rankings on google for a few days, but its almost guaranteed you come tumbling down faster than a rock falling off a cliff face!

So how is backlinking done correctly, in short, as natural as possible is the answer.

Ask yourself this question, does adding 500, 100 or 500 links to your website in a week sound natural to you?

Im guessing not.

Infact unless you have done a radio or even television campaign then your very unlikely to acquire those kinds of links in such a short amount of time!

So its fair to say adding loads of links to your website is a bad idea. What about ‘a little but often’?

Well little and often is a good idea, it would appear more natural, and in small low competitive niches you can get somewhere, especially if you have located and only target high PR, very relevant quality websites to point back to you.

However, what if your business or websites are in a medium competetitive niche? What do you do then?

To many links and you’ll get slapped, not enough links and your not going to get anywhere fast!

Well in truth, finding links is one thing, submitted and creating links is quite easy to. But do you know what, arguably  the hardest thing when creating links is to maintain a natural appearance? What do we call this..

Link Velocity!!

For those who don’t know what this is, link velocity is basically the creation of backlinks to your website consistently, continuously day after day., week after week and even month after month if need be.

Arguably, this is probably the hardest thing to achieve for an SEO’er.

Can you imagine how much work is involved submitted links day after day, after day.

How many people do you think are excited with their websites at first and then after a few weeks or even a few days! stop creating backlings, give up and simply because they can no longer be bothered, and lets face it there is never any guarantees with SEO!

So how is this achieved?

In short, resources and processes.

Sure you can do all this yourself for your own business or websites.

All you need to do is take a crash course in SEO, know how it works, find out what’s working with Google, and then figure out what websites shod have a link going back to your websites.

But, if you don’t have a spare 6 – 12 months to figure this out, this is when you get a team of SEO experts on your side who have already figured this out, who already know where those places are to create links pointing back to your website, which are relevant and of high quality.

Not only that, but we can assure you when you think you’ve mastered Google and your rankings increase, Google will probably change it all again leaving you back at square 1!

So do you really have the spare time at your disposal to figure it out and implement it?

or would you rather spend your valuable time running your business, doing what you do best.