Google Releasing 2 Core Algorithm Updates

The new core algorithm updates are being released.

On 2nd June 2021, Google Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, announced the release of the June 2021 Core Update. He also added that we should be expecting a July 2021 Core Update next month.

Google Core UpdateWhy Google is is releasing 2 new core algorithm updates one month after the next?

The June 2021 updates were not ready to be fully released this month so they opted to release the ready parts. They pushed out the rest to be released in the July 2021 core update.

Why Google releases new core algorithm updates?

Having to serve people around the world and receiving questions in over 150 different languages, Google has to improve its systems to give out the most useful results they possibly can. There are other search engines, constant change of the web, and the emergence of new sites. This ensures Google stays competitive.

What to expect from the new updates?

Most sites won’t notice the changes but the SEOs managing the sites will most likely notice these changes in the Google search results. For some sites, changes seen in the June 2021 update may be reversed in the July 2021 update. There may also be changes in the rankings of various sites.

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