Net66 SEO: Google Asking you to Recommend Good Websites for Search

People have long complained about being unable to break into the top of Google’s SERPs simply because of the fact that although you have a better website and provide a better service, they spend more on SEO than you.

Well all that is set to change (maybe) with Google now asking SEO’s to send websites to Google that they think are first page worthy, but currently aren’t on the first page due to the high paying optimised websites. It was actually a Tweet by Matt Cutts that revealed this news, and, the link to where you can recommend your websites.

Here’s what the Tweet said:


This has thrown up a question for me though, with the massive amounts of competition out there, the fact that anyone can submit to this leaves it open to exploitation. Especially when you consider that the majority of people follow Matt Cutts are SEOs who would love to show off their work.

It could also open the doors to black hat techniques such as submitting a website 200 times from different IPs to make it look like 200 people like your site. So what do you think the reasoning behind this is? Do Google want us to do their Jobs for them? Is this a trap? Or do they genuinely want good sites recommended?

What do you think?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey