Net66 SEO: Google Taking Over the World, Not literally.

Google have widely been considered one of the largest companies on this planet for a number of years now. What started out as a humble search engine that counted the links to each site, measured their keywords and held up the one with the most of each, is now a corporate Behemoth. Ranging from a maps service to a mobile Operating system. From creating their own Web Browser to their¬†proprietary¬†Google Glass Software, a high tech pair of glasses that have a holographic head up display (HUD) that can display almost anything, from the weather in your local area to websites you’re browsing for that new tweed jacket.

Arguably the two most used services are the Google Web Search, which in itself have helped create the whole industry of SEO, and the Maps service. Because with Maps, you get directions and a handy Navigation App too (if you’re on Google’s Android Mobile OS platform).

Maps started out as a series of Satellite images. This progressed into a new program for Google called Google Earth. Google realised the potential of this and developed Maps even further rolling out the hugely successful “Street View” programme. I personally love this tool and use it a lot, it always helps when you’re looking at navigating somewhere and you can become unsure junction you need to turn at, but with street view you can check out the junction first.

Plus you can get a taste of life all around the world. Ever wanted to walk down the streets of Cairo? Now you can! (figuratively) Although this pales in comparison to actually visiting Cairo, it surely has to be the next best thing. Plus there’s always the chance that next time you see a Google Maps car with mounted cameras, remember where you were and check the maps later for a claim to fame. (I’ve seen a few cars but never made the final cut)

It’s unsurprising then that Google have continued this service and expanded into a grand total of 50 Countries. They’ve now added Google Street view in Hungary and Lesotho (I hadn’t heard of it either, it’s in South Africa).

Blog Post by Greg McVey