Net66 Blog: Manage Time on SEO better with these Tips

We all want to have time to do everything in our days which includes the full SEO circle of Link Building, Content Creation and Social Media. But you can spend hours and hours poring through hundreds and hundreds of potential link opportunities looking for that one needle in the bails of hay. Leaving you little time to generate content and get it published across the multitude of Social Networks and Bookmarks that can benefit this content.

Here are some tips to help you better manage your time and get the most out of your day.

Guarantee One Link A Day – Within a Limit: I know this sounds oxymoronic but if you set out with the intention to create one quality link every day within the first two hours of the day, it motivates you to go out and get that link; but at the same time if you exhaust every avenue and can’t find anything beneficial to your site, you’ll reach the time limit and have to move on to something else. On the other side of this coin, if you manage to create a fantastic link in the first 20 minutes, the you’ve got a lot more time to chase other great links without the pressure on you which, in some cases at least, can really help the link builder in question.

Set aside time for Content Creation: You don’t have time to write, you’re busy! I understand, I’ve had days where I’ve chased my tail so much I started to wonder why I had a tail. So set a time period where you can settle in to writing. It doesn’t have to be long, 30-45 minutes is sufficient. Even if you’ve got writers block this time can be spent generating ideas for further blog posts or blocks of content. You could spend 25 minutes turning your brain into a paperweight and then in the 26th minute have an¬†epiphany¬†about a weeks worth of content. Time spent away from the pressure cooker of the day to day tasks can help you free your mind and open it to content creation.

So give this a go. Make time for content. Set a link building limit. And make sure you work smarter, not harder.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey