Net66 SEO: How to make UX easier.

There are a few things in SEO that can really make a difference in the SEO to your website. With Search engine Optimisation now there are things you can do to promote Social Sharing on your website that makes it easier to generate organic links.

Remove extra Steps

If you have a step in a process that you like but that isn’t necessary, REMOVE IT. With the removal of a step you can earn or lose a potential client or link. You need to make sure that the user on your site is having a great time and as user engagement is linked with SEO this definitely needs evaluating. For example, if you’re setting up a sign up form for your blog, you want to treat this as “How can I make the experience great for the user” rather than “How much information can I get from this user”. Some websites employ this tactic requiring your first and last name, your mobile number, your address, your email address and the creation of an account on their website. “I only want to sign up to new blog posts, why do they want so much information? I’ll just check back with their website from time to time, it’s easier”. And that’s how you lose a potential long term user of your site.

Keep Users Logged in.

If you do have a user interface where people log in and become part of an online community, then a big part of keeping user engagement high is to keep the user logged in. With a raft of Social Media accounts, email accounts and more, I sometimes have a bit of trouble remembering them all. If I sign in to a casual community and have to log in and forget my password, I have a lot of passwords and am more likely to leave to a community where I’m already signed in. I know this seems lazy in one of the highest degrees but it is an example that rings true. Especially true on mobile devices. Think about it, if you’re on your smartphone and you have the Facebook app and have to sign in to it every time you want to check, it’ll get to the point where you won’t want to check Facebook due to the hassle of signing in. This is the same as logging in to any website.

Finally, Make it easier to socially share.

You can see from the bottom of this post we have the options to share automatically to the most popular social networks. Simple, Easy, Clean.

Do you have any tips of your own for increasing User Engagement?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey.