Net66: Tumblr Edges our Instagram and Pinterest as the fastest growing Social Media Network

A recent report into Social Media & Social Networks revealed quite a few facts to us. Most of which were very surprising.

For instance, although Pinterest leads the field of overall new signups, a massive increase of 57% new user signups, Tumblr remains the fastest grown Social Network by having a large increase of active users. In fact, their active user base more than doubled as it grew a massive 120%.

The surprising lackey in this report is actually Facebook. Which might shock you at first but then you realise that all your friends are already on Facebook. With a user base of 1 Billion people already, there can hardly be exponential growth there can there?

In terms of Apps, Snapchat was by the leader here with a 56% growth, followed by Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger has probably only done so well because Facebook effectively forced us to use it. No kidding. Remember when your messages stopped working on your Facebook App? And what did you download to fix this? Exactly, Facebook Messenger.

Although Facebook still is the biggest Social Network out there, it will be facing a lot of competition. As in the case of Snapchat this year, it looks like Facebook can no longer just buy its competition, even despite acquiring Instagram.

The report had this to say on Facebook:

Firstly, people are growing tired of it, with 50% of members in the UK and US saying that they’re using it less frequently than they used to (rising to 64% among teens)… Since the start of 2013, we’ve seen behaviors like sharing photos and messaging friends fall by around 20 percentage points.

You can check out the full report here.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey